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312 “Many thanks for such a good evening … lots of fun as well as challenges!” (Marks Tey June 2024)


311 “I'm a caller in Seattle, interested in calling your dance Ravenclaw - can you tell me if there's a specific tune for it, and if so would it be possible to get a copy of the sheet music?” (Dilip Sequeira, March 2024)


310 “Last week I was taking a dance holiday and Frances Goldsmith said she'd just been to one of your dances were you'd done a dance with a bubble hey, or some such figure, in it that she had enjoyed.  She said she thought I'd like it too!  Is there any chance that you could email it to me please - I've been calling your Banwood Reel and October 9th which are going down very well” (Trevor Monson)

309 “ were great..” (Hilary King, Peldon Fling, February 2024)


308 “..what a lovely (AUSTENTATIOUS) evening we had last night, Many thank yous. I think several folk have been converted to try something new, even clothing-wise. I heard several comments, oh I didn’t realise it could be so simple!!! (Jacquie Terry, February 2024)


307 “Christmas Party was a great success, and Anne & Sibby entertained us with a varied selection of Christmas dances. Anne brought some of her cuddly Santas which mysteriously kept on multiplying - every time we looked there was another one.” (John Tritton, December 2023)


306 "Many thanks for a very enjoyable evening yesterday. We appreciate all the hard work which you both put in" (Chris & Jo Saunders, December 2023)


305 “A brilliant Christmas themed evening” (Grand Ceilidh Club, December 2023)

304  “THANK YOU BOTH for the lovely afternoon calling at Gt Bromley hall. How you coped with such a variety of dancers’ knowledge is amazing. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH"

(Jacquie Terry, October 2023)


303 “Austentatious” evening designed and presented by well known caller and musician Anne Skinner: very enjoyable. Anne must have spent a great deal of time putting the programme together and those attending were very appreciative

(Essex Folk News August 2023)

302 “..absolutely loved the concert, it was just a lovely event and you were fabulous. I have absolutely no idea how you can play all those notes so quickly!

(Emma Mitchell,August 2023)

301  “many thanks for a lovely evening last night, our party night at Touchstone.You, once again, pulled the rabbit out of the hat to make an excellent evening for us.I am sure it will be no surprise to you to know, that for some of our dancers, YOU TWO ARE THE BESTEST CALLERS and I would probably echo that .. again, many thanks (Jacquie Terry, July 2023)

300  “People are still talking about the wonderful evening you gave us at Marks Tey on Tuesday. THANK YOU SO MUCH. It was not simply about the lovely programme and your skilled calling that people will remember it. It was also that you gave Club Members who don't go to any other dance event the experience of what it is like to be part of a larger gathering with people dressed up for the occasions ( historical or not). Even those who consider themselves beginners enjoyed it because they enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere and felt so included by everyone.” (Sylvia Gaspar, July 2023)

299  “Austentatious special at Marks Tey: This event was a repeat of Anne’s highly successful dance .. with another excellent choice of dances” (John Tritton, July 2023)


298  "Anne - Many thank yous for a lovely evening last night. It really went so well and your choices of dance and music were very enjoyable. It was a delight to see so many dancers really enjoying themselves." (Jacquie and John Terry, July 2023)

297  “That was a great (DANBURY FLUTES) performance .. Gosh

(Brian Winder, June 2023)

296 “..many thanks to (DANBURY FLUTES) for this afternoon’s lovely concert. It really was fabulous and everyone enjoyed it” (Paul Hagger, St John’s Church, Danbury, June 2023)


295 "..a great day and everyone said what fun the dancing was. Well done!"

(Shirley, Coronation Street Party, May 2023)


294 “It really was a great evening. Thank you Sibby Anne & Rich

(Gill, Grand Ceilidh Club, April 2023)


293 “Thanks again both for a lovely interesting and fun - and super - evening”

(Sylvia & Nigel, Marks Tey FDC, April 2023)


292 “many, many thanks for calling for our dance group … this was a real delight for us … wonderful” (Jacquie, Touchstone FDC, March 2023)


291 “Your vast knowledge and experience shines through your calling … Thank you again for your dedication to the enjoyment of others” (Philip Barber, Beckenham, February 2023)


290 “Nothing but praise for the whole event” (Hilary King, Peldon Fling, February 2023)


289 "You have been the highlight of our Street Party Events"

(Shirley Emery, February 2023)


288   “many thanks for coming all the way from darkest (?) Essex to call forus”

(Dulwich FDC, December 2022)


287  “Thanks for a great evening from Touchstone Folk Dance Club”

(John Terry, December 2022)

286 “the dance on Friday was brilliant and the audience loved it.

The dances you chose were perfect  original and with just enough difficulty to challenge our dances” (Rob Neal, December 2022)

285 “..well-known festival caller who has a wide repertoire of dances in various styles .. always very entertaining” (Dance Folkus, Woodbridge, Suffolk  November 2022)


284  “..a great night!! {sibby & contraditional}” (Grand Ceilidh Club, September 2022)

283  “..lovely to meet you..had a great time” (Daniella, September 2022)

282  “It was wonderful to see you at Broadstairs, and many thanks to you and Anne for your great calling and playing. Much appreciated and very enjoyable.”

(Madeleine Smith, Dance Director, August 2022)

281  “Great dance last night” (Grand Ceilidh Club, July 2022)

280  “Thank you (Anne and Sibby) for your great work at the Battlesbridge event. It raised £1800 (for Ukraine) and your calling was a big success!

 (Liz & Keith, June 2022)


279  “Thank you again for making our street party such fun and special. Everyone loved it and it’s incredible how even the teenagers can’t resist joining in. You are a star!!”

(Hamboro Gardens, June 2022)

278  “Thank you so much for entertaining us yesterday. We all had a great time and guests have said how much they enjoyed the evening.”

(Kay & Brian, April 2022)

277 “..lots of fun and we had a great time!” (Thriplow Reelers, April 2022)

276 “..thank you once again for a delightful evening at DFDC last Thursday. You are very much appreciated. And to think you travel so far to see us! A labour of love!”

(Dulwich Folk Dance Club, November 2021)


275 “Thank you once again for a great Barn dance.”

(Singles Connection, September 2021)

274 ”great evening and much enjoyed all round. It is always good to hear live music from Anne” (Marks Tey FDC, March 2020)

273 Thanks again to you and Manor Hoose Ceilidh Band for a really enjoyable evening for us and our guests. (Roger & Hannah, February 2020)

272 Thank you both for a very enjoyable evening on Friday. All present thoroughly enjoyed themselves especially the swimming club which we support some of whom have not been before. Could you let me know what Friday evening dates you have free in February 2021 please.  (Billericay Lions, February 2020)

271 Best fling ever! I've never seen so many joining in the dancing.  It was fabulous

(Peldon Festival Fling, February 2020)

270 Fabulous (Ginny Hendry, Abbey School Woodbridge, February 2020)

269 A big thank you for a great time on Saturday night.  You made it great fun and taught it well making it a great ceilidh.
(Hormead Reelers, January 2020)

268  Many thanks to you and Sibby for a lovely evening. Your playing was so professional as always. You played a beautiful selection of tunes matched to the time of year. Happy New Year From Geraldine and all at St Andrew's Club

267 " Just wanted to say thank you- what a great evening's  dancing you organised last night. Very enjoyable - the audience ( and the band ) loved it!"

(Dance Folkus, Woodbridge, January 2020)

266 “Thank you so very much indeed for a really lovely evening of well called dances, with good music, thank you Anne,- everybody enjoyed the evening very  much, it was a lovely relaxed atmosphere, thank you so much.” (Tricia Hamilton, Otford FDC, January 2020)

265 "..immensely creative.." (Peter Nixon, December 2019)

264  “Thanks again for the evening.  You were great”
(St Paul's Church, Danbury's Director of Music referring to Anne's flute-playing in Karl Jenkins' Requiem - November 2019)

263 “Harewood is fantastic!! (Kay Gibson, October 2019)

262  Just wanted to thank you again for playing for us today, it was magical !  I know those attending the festival this afternoon had a real treat.  Thanks for your kindness & generosity, your Flautista enhanced our flower festival.
(Suzanne Gaywood, St John's Church, Danbury, Essex, September 2019)

261  “wonderful calling .. thank you so very, very much for the fantastic Jack’s Night you did, your expertise in calling the right dances for such a special evening was wonderful, everyone said it was one of the best, the atmosphere was brilliant”
(Broadstairs, August 2019)

260  thank you for a truly fantastic night on Saturday. My parents were blown away by the whole thing. To see them having a dance was lovely.  (Sue Goldsmith, June 2019)

259   I continue to be amazed at how prolific a dance composer Sibby is. Astonishing!

(Peter Nixon, May 2019)

258  Thanks for a delightful evening of music on Saturday evening.  It was great to have such a professional band. Everyone appreciated the chance to dance to a band with a different range of instruments.  It was lovely to  dance to some of your own compositions.  We all enjoyed the musical interludes (Geraldine, St Andrews, April 2019

257  Thank you for making Chingford's dance go with a swing. A lovely selection of dances.  (Suzanne .. April 2019)


256 Just a line from me to thank you once again for such a wonderful afternoon yesterday. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely, and the music and calling was first class.

(Derek ..Sidcup Baptist Church, March 2019)



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