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Square set - Ladies progress anti-clockwise

7x32 bar reel (“Hopping Jack Junior”/”Elm Tree Reel” © Anne Skinner)

chorus - ab lib



[]  …continued

[]  Swing Corner (progression)**

[]  Promenade to Man’s home

Sequence: chorus, Heads lead twice, chorus, Sides lead twice, chorus

* Heads forward & star through with opposites & pass thru two & face to fall back to corner & then forward to meet partner (in opposite original square place) then repeat all this to place

WHILE Sides wait 2 bars then follow same movements as Heads

NB when designated couples pass thru, other couples arch

** or balance & swing

chorus suggestions:


Honour other dancers / Circle left / Left-hand turn Corner, Grand Chain / finish Grand Chain, Swing 


Ladies Star Chain / Gypsy left with current Partner, then gypsy right with Corner /

Balance & box the gnat, begin Reverse Grand Chain / place, Swing


Grand Square / Reverse Grand Square / Do-si-do Partner, then Corner / Promenade



Square set - no progression

48 bar reel (“7 o’clock swing” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Circle left and right

[]  Grand Weave* (all now with original Corner)

[]  Grand Weave (all now with original Opposite)

[]  Ladies Star Chain halfway (to original Partner); Grand Chain home (start left-hand)

[]  Left-hand turn three-quarters; Men star right

[]  Texas star right, wheel half-way; texas star left

[]  Circle right and left

[]  Reverse Grand Weave** (all now with original Corner)

[]  Reverse Grand Weave (all now with original Opposite)

[]  Ladies weave half-way (to original Partner); Gypsy

[]  Grand Chain half-way; Do-si-do

[]  Grand Chain half-way; Swing


Ladies loop clockwise around their corner and stand behind him; Men pass across the set (all at the same time),followed by the ladies (who allow man from right to cross between her and the man she is following); Men turn to face the ladies and star through; Promenade one place around the set (men on the inside), and square the set


Men loop counter-clockwise around their corner and stand behind her; Ladies pass across the set (all at the same time), followed by the men (who allow lady from left to cross between him and the lady he is following); Ladies turn to face the men and star through; Promenade one place around the set (men on outside), and square the set



Longways - 8 couples - standard progression

32 bar reel (“Penny Royal”/“2nd Innings” © Anne Skinner)

[]  March forward 8 steps, turn; Same to places and face partner

[]  Those who can, right-hand turn with person on right diagonal;

Those who can, left-hand turn with person on left diagonal

[]  Top couple start mexican wave; Repeat

[]  Top couple gallop to bottom; All swing



Longways - 3 couples - progression 1-2-3

24 bar waltz (“Harewood Lullaby” © Anne Skinner)


[]  Lead up a double and back; Same down

[]  Top couple half-figure-eight through 2nd couple; 2nd couple same through third couple

[]  Bottom couple cross up between 2nd couple & up outside to top;

all pass partner left-shoulder & loop right

[2] Swirly sidings right & left - etc

[3]  Arm right & left - etc

Arming:  in renaissance style (touching wrists, with straight arms)

Extra challenge:

The recording plays the tune six times. Dancers may repeat the moves as above OR

Reverse the moves thus:


[]  lead down a double & back; same up

[]  Bottom couple half-figure-eight ..etc

[]  … all pass partner right-shoulder & loop left

[5] Swirly sidings left & right - etc

[6]  Arm left & right - etc



Longways - 3 couples - standard progression

32 bar waltz (“Daydream” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Lines go forward & back twice; Left-hand turn partner

[]  Top 2 couples dance half-figure-eight (1s cast to begin);

End couples same through middle couple

[]  Bubble

[]  Morris hey


Top couple cast while others do half right-hand turn moving up;

Repeat thrice (from new positions).  

Thus, the original 1st couple do four moves:

  1. cast to bottom

  2. half-turn to 2nd place

  3. half-turn to top place

  4. cast to bottom

Other couples perform sequence from relative places.



Square set - Corner progression

7x32 bar reel (“Here we Pyr-go!”/”Bluebell Stroll” © Anne Skinner)

chorus - ad lib

(The tune is based on PYRGO POLKA written for the Pyrgo Priory School in Harold Hill, London)


[]  Right-hand turn Partner halfway into alamo ring and balance; Repeat to places

[]  Walk & Dodge* to alamo ring & balance; Repeat

[]  Grand Chain half-way; Do-si-do

[]  Ladies star chain three-quarters (progression); Swing

sequence: chorus - figure twice - chorus - figure twice - chorus


as box-circulate with opposite couple, heads & sides simultaneously



Square set - progression: Ladies clockwise

32 bar slip jig (“Elm Green” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Join hands in circle, go forward & back twice; Rainbow stroll one place

[]  Rainbow stroll two more places

[]  Promenade to Man’s home (this is the progression) and swing;

Ladies star right half-way, left-hand turn that man one-and-a-half

[]  Men star right half-way, left-hand turn current partner three-quarters;

Grand Chain three changes, start with next person, honour current partner

Rainbow stroll:

Lead current partner in to centre (3 steps), turn away to face out (3 steps),

lead corner out (3 steps), california twirl (3 steps)


NETHERWYKE WALTZ (Anne & Sibby 2018)

Three couple circle - progression to Corner

3x32 bar waltz (“Pavilion Waltz” © Anne Skinner)

[]  In circle, balance forward & back, with partner, link* to change places;

With next person, left-hand turn

[]  Ladies star right WHILE Men chase anti-clockwise; when home, see-saw Partner

[]  Petal star** anti-clockwise, then clockwise

[]  Sway out & in and turn to face Corner for Swing

*Link: In each pair, Lady casts WHILE Man loops (so both moving clockwise in a semi-circle)

**Petal Star Men make left-hand star WHILE Ladies make right-hand star AND hold other hands out to side to form petals. Star rotates with Men going forwards, then back with Ladies going forwards


Square set – progression clockwise

32 bar tune in 5/4 time (“Eve’s Corner” © Anne Skinner)

Notation in 4 bar phrases*:

[]  Grand Square

[]  Reverse Grand Square

[]  Side couples square thru 4 (to end facing Corners)

[]  Star right and left (end in lines of four across the hall)

[]  Hey up & down (start passing Corner left shoulder) …

[]  … complete the hey

[]  Do-si-do Corner; Two-hand turn Partner

[]  Promenade ¾ (progression)



(Anne 2018)

Square set – no progression

4x32 bar reel (“Trip to Netherwyke” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Four Ladies’ Star Chain (across & back)

[]  Head couples tricycle*

[]  Head couples advance to centre, making lines across with Corners, tandem reels across (Head Ladies lead)

[]  All balance twice & swing Partner

Sequence: Heads lead, Sides lead, Heads lead, Sides lead


Active couples right-hand turn Corner half-way, left-hand turn next person all the way,

right-hand turn Corner half-way, left-hand turn Partner all the way

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