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inspired by poetry of

Gerard Manley Hopkins



longways 4 couples (1s & 3s improper)

32 bar slip jigs (CAT’S WHISKERS: ash-boughs©david pattenden)

[]   1st couple strip the willow:

     start with right-arm turn twice, then continue with 1½ turns in centre …

[]   .. ending with one turn at bottom.  1st couple then cast to top

[]   1st couple lead down centre and others follow to invert the set; 

      Hold hands in circle of eight and circle left half-way

[]   1s cast to bottom and form arch WHILE others follow and lead up under arch



longways duple improper (double progression)

32 bar jig (CAT’S WHISKERS: binsey poplars/aspens©david pattenden)

[]   1st couple lead down and turn (california twirl); 

     Lead up and cast one place down (first progression)

[]   2nd couple do the same, starting up (through next 1st couple – second progression)

[]   1st couple half-figure-eight through next 2nd couple;

     2nd couple same through 1st couple

[]   Complete handy-turn with neighbour behind (1s start outside)

     1st couple lead down and cast up WHILE 2nd couple cast and lead

End effects: when neutral (after A1) – at TOP, do not change places; at BOTTOM, change places – rejoin at B1



longways duple improper

48 bar reel (CAT’S WHISKERS: cheery beggar/pocket of pence©david pattenden)

[]   Couples forward and back; Right-hand star

[]   2nd man chase clockwise around other 3 dancers as they do straight hey (1st couple

      passing right shoulders) to end in a diagonal line of three facing 2nd man (in his home

       position). Take “donkey & cart” hold.

[]   2nd man pulls “cart”, then pushes; Then pulls and ladies twist to reverse positions.

[]   1st man pulls “cart”, then pushes; Then pulls and ladies twist to end in home


      All release left hands

[]   Right-hand turn partner; Take promenade hold and promenade half-way (progression)

[]   Balance and swing, end facing next couple



Donkey & Cart hold:  With 1st man standing between both ladies (all three facing in same direction), he takes their outside hands, i.e. partner’s right hand with his right, and opposite’s left hand with his left.   The two ladies extend their free arms below 1st man’s arms and take hands with the 2nd man.  NB Both men have uncrossed arms. When reversing the hold, the ladies lift the arms they have joined with 1st man as they turn and move across to 2nd man (who pulls and loops his arms over the ladies)



progressive quadrille (double progression)

48 bar march (CAT’S WHISKERS: grandeur©david pattenden)

[]   With opposite couple, circle left, and fall back into original lines of four

[]   Pass through and take hands in lines, thread-the-needle with right-hand anchor to

      end in lines facing across

[]   Couples on right-hand ends of the lines right-and-left halfway (i.e. two changes);

      All right-and-left across (i.e. two changes)

[]   Lines reel of four – 3 changes (start with middle dancers passing right shoulder);

     Gypsy left with partner and face across

[]   In fours, circle left three-quarters, outside men (i.e. those currently at the top and

      bottom ends of the set) break hold and pull the line to the left, then curl left to

      reform the original set (but with couples having changed to the other end of their


[]   Lines progress two places: for first progression, lines facing down the room make


      For second progression, lines facing up make arches (neutrals turn as couples)


Anchored needle:  In lines of four, with right-hand person pivoting on the spot, left-hand person threads the needle to end in line facing across



longways 3 couple

32 bar march (CAT’S WHISKERS: heaven-haven©david pattenden)

[]   Top man changes with middle lady, giving right hand, then with bottom lady, giving

      left hand; Then bottom (3rd) man changes with middle lady (his partner), giving right

      hand, then with top lady, giving left hand. (Set now alternate man-lady in circle)

[]   Grand chain 3 changes (men anti-clockwise, ladies clockwise) and two-hand turn the

      next person.

[]   Circle 6 to the left (until all opposite own partner, in longways set, with middle couple

      improper); Back-to-back right shoulder with partner

[]   Middle couple cross up as top couple cast down into symmetrical reels of three on

      the sides.



longways duple proper

44 bar jig (CAT’S WHISKERS: inversnaid©david pattenden)

[8]   Random call from: Lead up and back OR sidings OR arming OR any other suitable

       figure;  Set and turn single

[8]   Repeat A1

[10]   Inversnaid loop by 1st couple

[10]   Inversnaid loop by 2nd couple

[8]   1st couple cast down WHILE 2nd couple lead up, and set to the next couple;  

        Then face partner for back-to-back right shoulder



Inversnaid loop:  Man loops anti-clockwise around lady above WHILE lady loops anti-clockwise around man below. In 5th bar, they meet giving left hands and clap right hands as they pass by to loop around the next lady or man in the opposite direction (so making a skewed figure-of-eight). In 10th bar, they repeat the clap-and-turn figure with other hands.  When done by the 1st couple, they fall back to place.  When done by 2nd couple, they keep the right-hand hold for the next move



longways 3 couples

32 bar waltz (CAT’S WHISKERS: moonrise©david pattenden)

[]   1st couple cross down to middle places, and continue moving out and down for a reel

      halfway along the lines (ending in middle positions);

       Lines fall back a double, and come forward

[]   Men take lady on right in promenade hold. 1st man (with 3rd lady) leads promenade

      approx. half way to end in longways set facing down; Two-hand turn this person

[]   Top 4 circle left halfway and fall back; Bottom 4 circle right three-quarters. 

      (1st couple now at bottom, 2nd couple at top, 3rd couple in middle improper)

[]   Three-hand stars right (middle man up, middle lady down);

       Middle couple left-hand turn once-and-a-quarter to end proper

       WHILE others turn once with right-hand.



square set

32 bar jig + 32 bar reel (CAT’S WHISKERS: no worst©david pattenden)

[]   Head couples advance and set right and left;

      Circle left ¾ and pass through (by right shoulder) to face sides

[]   Head couples go between the side couples and cast to head positions;

     Heads left-hand turn current partner, then head ladies pass right shoulders to home


[] []   Side couples the same

[] []   Schiehallion Reel

[]   Balance & Swing partner

[]   Promenade;  Men progress to lady in front and promenade her to men’s home



Schiehallion Reel: Dancers follow track of a clover figure – men start curling in to centre and curve right to next lady’s position, then loop right to her man’s position, and continue in this fashion to home place.  Ladies start by looping right to partner’s place – in effect, then following the track of her partner. All moves are curling or looping to the right.



sicilian circle

32 bar jig (CAT’S WHISKERS: penmaen pool/time and treasure©david pattenden)

[]   Back-to-back right shoulder with opposite person 1¼ to ocean wave across;

      Balance, right-hand turn ¼ to tidal wave (around big circles)

[]   Rory O’More to right;

      Left-hand turn neighbour (original opposite) ¾ and release hold

[]   Single file march in direction you face, then cross, giving left hand, with the one you

      meet* to turn and face in original direction;

     March back to place and left-hand turn original opposite person into …

[]   Ladies’ Chain (complete – across the set and back). Face next couple


Rory O’More: In the wave, balance forward and back and then roll (turning clockwise) as you move one position to the right.  Those anxious to avoid dizziness can slide to the right instead.

*The caller can vary the number of places by designating a different number every time!



double contra (3s & 4s improper)

32 bar reel (CAT’S WHISKERS: ribblesdale/sweet landscape©david pattenden)

[]   In fours, right-hand star; Ladies dog-leg reel (halfway)

[]   In fours, left-hand star; Men dog-leg reel (halfway)

[]   Back-to-back right shoulder with partner; Middle four circle left once around

      WHILE end couples two-hand turn once around

[]   In fours:  2nd corners cross, 1st corners cross;  Lines go forward and back (with

      slight slide towards next two couples)


Progression is in pairs of couples, and every couple will alternate with their paired couple on every progression

Dog-leg reel (ladies):  Middle two ladies cross, passing left shoulders, then pass right shoulders with end ladies who then pass each other across the middle by left shoulders.  The ladies have thus moved to the other side of the set,  and to the other end.

Dog-leg reel (men):  Same moves, but middle men start by passing right shoulders.



longways 4 couples (3s & 4s improper)

40 bar reel (CAT’S WHISKERS: starlight night©david pattenden)

[]  In fours, capstan (right-hand) across

[]   Middle four capstan (left-hand) along, i.e. start with neighbour

[]   In fours, right-hand star;  Middle four left-hand star

[]   With middle dancers as a single unit, tandem reel halfway, starting left shoulder;

      Followed by dolphin reel halfway

     (These reels are along the lines which are therefore going in opposite directions)

[]   In lines, set right and left and go forward a double; Set right and left and fall back


Capstan (right-hand):  Right-hand turn halfway with partner, star right halfway with other couple, complete right-hand turn with partner.

Capstan (left-hand):  Same but all with left-hand and turns with neighbour.



longways 5 couples 32 bar reel (CAT’S WHISKERS: windhover©david pattenden)

Active couples are 1s & 3s

[]   Active couples cross, giving right hands, and cast to bottom of set, then move up 

     centre, single file (each lady in front of her man).  3rd couple end facing 2nd lady,

      and 1st couple face 4th lady.  (It helps if 2nd and 4th couples move up)

[]   Diagonal dolphin reels, starting right shoulders

[]   Active dancers veer to left for dolphin reels on the other diagonal, starting left 

      shoulders.  Active ladies turn to face partner for …

[]   Active dancers do half-reel of 4 along centre of set, end facing out at ends;

      1st couple cast (man left, lady right) to 3rd place WHILE 3rd couple cast (man left,

      lady right) up to 4th place and cross down to bottom

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