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Anne teaches music, directs DANBURY FLUTES and FLAUTISTA; and plays with HAREWOOD, MANOR HOOSE CEILIDH BAND, MANORCROFT and CONTRADITIONAL. At Broadstairs festival, she played by invitation with DAMPIER’S ROUND.  Additionally, Anne composes tunes, devises dances and calls at folk dance clubs and other events.  Her calling career began in late 2021 with a request to call just one dance; soon she was being asked to call for entire evenings.  Although Anne has a special interest in playford, her repertoire spans many genres including contra and scottish country dance.


Anne studied at Reading University, gaining BA (honours); now she teaches flute, recorder, ocarina, piano and ukulele at several schools and private sessions.


anne in a mirror

danbury flutes

wonderful winds

gaelic offering

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