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8s & 7s & 3s

square set

48 bar reel (LORNE SDB: neil gow's farewell to whisky; dirk kommer's reel)

[]   1st man & 3rd lady dance figure-eight through 4th couple

      WHILE 1st lady & 3rd man do same through 2nd couple

[]   Head couples promenade around right-side couple (clockwise);

     then they loop anti-clockwise around other Head couple in the centre, 
    men passing, to place

[]   Side couples advance to meet, star through (with opposite);

      Same couples: Ladies’ Chain halfway with half-courtesy turn to end facing Head

       couple (optionally, courtesy turn 1½)

[]   As couples, promenade reel up and down (half-way)

[]   7s & 3s to left (7 steps sideways, crossing right leg in front of left on alternate 

       steps, then 3 steps in place and pause, 3 steps and pause)

     All promenade (clockwise) around square to place

[]   All circle left

Repeat – Sides leading



longways 3 couples

32 bar jig (GARDINER: macpherson’s jig)

variation on “Boatman” [Playford 1651]

[]   2nd man passing right shoulder with 1st lady follows track of a full hey with first couple who half-hey only WHILE 2nd lady does same with third couple;

     At end of half-heys, end couples loop back for a two-hand turn with their partner

     while 2nd couple complete the hey and two-hand turn halfway

[]   Repeat, 2nd man with 3rd couple and 2nd lady with 1st couple

[]   All face up: Fall back 4 steps, turn single halfway (leading with outside shoulder);

     All face down: Fall back 4 steps, turn single ¾ (leading with outside shoulder) and face partner

[]   1st couple poussette to bottom (start with 1st man pulling). 

     3rd couple two-hand turn during first change;

     2nd couple two-hand turn during 2nd change



longways becket

32 bar reel (BURSLEDON VILLAGE BAND: love in a village; unfortunate tailor)

[]   “Yearn” to the left (double progression); Circle left 1¼

[]   Right-and-Left-through halfway (2 changes – start witn neighbour);

     Ladies Chain halfway (up/down) – keep hold with this neighbour

[]   Chasse diagonally right, then diagonally left to face next pair;

     With this pair, star right (neutrals right-hand turn)

[]   Turn to face partner (who is behind you), pass by left shoulder,

      turn to face and set right and left;  Swing partner, face across

Yearn (invented by George Walker): Lines go forward to meet couple diagonally on the left, then diagonally backwards (still to left) to end facing the next opposite couple. Couples at left-hand ends of lines cross to position on opposite side and turn as a couple to face new couple (originally to their right in the long lines)



longways diamond

32 bar jig (PEEPING TOM: buttonhole; rig-a-jig)

variation on “Dianne’s Dance” by Cary Ravitz

[]   Left hand star ¾; men right-hand turn 1½ with man behind to progress into next diamond (neutrals stay at end)

[]   Balance in and out, then petronella one place anti-clockwise; repeat

[]   Right hand star ¾; Ladies left-hand turn 1½ with lady behind to progress – face partner

[]   Right & Left (4 changes) starting right hand with partner



longways duple improper

32 bar jig (PEEPING TOM: camels are coming; lizzie lichine)

variation on “Do Ron Ron” by Kathy Anderson

[]   Back-to-back right shoulder with neighbour; with same person, right-hand turn 1¼ to wave

[]   Balance, then ladies left hand turn ½; reel of four halfway (start passing partner right shoulder). 

      Make one extra pass, then take promenade hold with men on the inside

[]   Promenade the way you face, turn as a couple; Promenade back, face across

[]   In fours, circle left ¾; all balance to centre and back, change places with partner (california twirl) and face next couple



longways 3 couples

32 bar polka (BOBBY CROWE: bluebell polka)

[]   1st lady casts to 2nd place and crosses over WHILE 1st man follows to 2nd place   

      They then turn person above (2nd man and lady respectively) with right hand

[]   1st couple continue “chase” to bottom position; Then they go back-to-back left shoulder with person above (3rd couple)

[]   1st couple lead up the centre to top and cast to bottom and face across (others face their neighbour) for..

[]   Grand Chain to (progressed) places

This started as a variation on “Trip To Clapham”



longways 3 couples (1s & 3s improper)

36 bar american reel (BOOTS RANDOLPH: yakety sax)

[8]   Top two couples face: Back-to-back right shoulder 1¼ into ocean wave;

        Balance right and left, then right-hand turn halfway and reform wave

[8]   Balance right and left, then men left-hand turn halfway;

       All swing partner. 1st and 2nd couples end facing across, 3rd couple end facing up

[8]   1st and 2nd couples: Ladies’ chain halfway; Same couples right-and-left halfway (i.e. two changes)

[8]   In lines, reels of three (hey) started by 3rd couple moving up and passing middle person by right shoulder

[4]   All 6 circle left halfway



longways 3 couples

32 bar polka (ALBION: down the road)

[]   1st couple cross through going down the set for a half-hey on opposite side (1s end middle place improper); 

      1st couple turn in centre with left hand 1¾ times and face 1st corners

[]   Set & Turn (“Triangles”): 1st couple dance out to 1st corner position (2 bars), set while turning to face in (2 bars), dance in, passing two dancers by right shoulder (2 bars), dance out to 2nd corner positions WHILE all other dancers follow sequence

(so 1st corners dance in to start and 2nd corners set on the spot to start)

[]   Continue “Triangles” for 4 more bars;

     Then 1st couple swing in the centre WHILE others go Right-and-Left halfway (i.e. 2 changes) starting right-hand with partner

[]   1st man goes up for 3-handed star (left) at top WHILE 1st lady does same with bottom couple;   

      1st couple cross for 3-handed stars (right) at other end



longways duple improper

32 bar american reel (STEAMCHICKEN: chinese breakdown)

[]   1st couple lead through 2nd couple and cast back to place;

      2nd couple lead through 1st couple and cast to line of 4 facing down, all set

[]   Line lead down, 1st couple twist under arm to face up WHILE 2nd couple curl to form cart-and-horses formation;

     Lead up, 2nd couple loop over 1st couple to cloverleaf formation

[]   Circle left; Balance in and out, couples twist under arm to back-ring

[]   Lead neighbour out, Florida twirl; Lead back, 1st couple arch over 2nd couple

Florida twirl: Same as California twirl but using the opposite hands (Florida is opposite California on US coastal geography) – I have also heard this called the Nevada twirl



longways 3 couples 

32 bar reel (ALBION: holm’s fancy)

[]   Top (“Active”) and 2nd couple do “capstan” figure

[]   Active couple (now in centre) turn contra corners, end with right-hand turn ¾ to face 3rd corners

[]   Pass & Turn with 3rd corners; Same with 4th corners

[]   All 6 circle left halfway; Set and two-hand turn partner halfway

Capstan:  Right-hand turn halfway with partner, star right halfway with other couple, complete right-hand turn with partner.

Turn contra corners: Active couple turn with right-hand, then turn 1st corners with left-hand; then partner with right-hand and 2nd corners with left-hand

Pass & Turn: Active dancers pass Corner person (right shoulder); those Corners turn in the centre giving right hands, then they dance back to their corner position, passing right shoulder with the Active dancers as they move in.


longways 3 couples

24 bar jig (6 bar phrases) (ALBION: boycott’s bouree)

[6]   Top couple dance half-figure-eight through 2nd couple;

        Then, giving handy hand to neighbour, half-turn to end in 2nd position

[6]   Two bottom couples (original 1s and 3s) double half-figure-eight (1s start going down outside WHILE 3s cross up);

         Then, giving handy hand to neighbour, half-turn (1s now at bottom)

[6]   Grimstock hey halfway; All turn single

[6]   First (long) corners cross passing right shoulders, Second long corners the same

        Everybody cross with partner, passing right shoulder



sicilian circle (couples facing anti-clockwise are “1s”)

48 bar reel (BURSLEDON VILLAGE BAND: bownhams; chomping the barley)

[]   1s dance half-figure-of-eight through 2s; 2s do same through 1s

[]   1st man and 2nd lady do same across the set, through their partners; 1st lady and 2nd man do same.   All face opposite couple

[]   Working along the lines (i.e. around the circle), interlocking heys looping around the person in front (your original opposite); and left 

      around the person behind

[]   In original fours, Ladies Chain (complete)

[]   Grand Chain – start right-hand with opposite, make three changes going forward, then change places giving left-hand to partner, and face the other way …

[]   Continue the Grand Chain back to place, and then progress to face a new couple (i.e. 4 changes)



longways becket

32 bar reel (BLACKTHORN: kerry polkas)

variation on Eric Conrad’s “Kate’s Last Reel”

[]   In fours, circle left ¾; Then set to neighbour along the line and change, giving left hands

[]   Half-Ladies Chain across the set; Promenade across and turn as a couple

[]   Half-Right-and-Left (i.e. 2 changes) with couple diagonally on the right (progression); Left-hand star with couple opposite

[]   Keeping star-hold, balance forward and back, changing to right-hand star hold; Balance again, and star right



longways duple proper

32 bar hornpipe (RING O’BELLS: humours of california; snowan's fancy; sligo fancy)

[]   Stafford Knot: 1st couple half-figure-eight through 2nd couple, cross with partner, cast below 2nd couple and cross coming up through them (ending improper)

[]   Scandinavian Knot: Men hold right hands with each other, and left hands with

      opposite lady’s right hand. Ladies cross under men’s arch, turn and hold left hands

       over top of men’s hands. Rotate left 1¼ (1st couple now progressed, still improper)

[]   Shetland Knot: 2nd lady faces out, and followed closely by 2nd man, dances a figure-

      of-eight around 1st couple and the next couple in the duple below … this will take 12

       bars, so …

[]   (complete Shetland Knot); 1st couple half-figure-eight up through 2nd couple



square set

32 bar american reel (ORANGE & BLUE: tipsy parson; indian reel; reel de montreal)

[]   Head couples advance to form a circle of 4, circle left ¾ and pass through to face Side couples; Back-to-back right shoulder with the one you face

[]   Pass-the-Ocean to a wave of eight dancers across the room, balance;

      Right-hand turn partner 1½ times

[]  Middle 4 dancers do half-reel-of-four, starting with centre ladies passing left

     shoulders, and swing into opposite Side place WHILE Head couples promenade

      anti-clockwise ¾ and swing in opposite Head place

[]   Face partner for Grand Chain 5 changes to progress, and short promenade (about 2

      steps) to Ladies’ home places

Sequence: Heads lead, Sides lead, Sides lead, Heads lead

Pass-the-Ocean: Couple face couple. Pass the one you face by the right shoulder. As they pass, ladies take left hands and turn ¼ left. Men turn ¼ right to take partner’s right hand on end of wave (or to make up the centre of the 8-person wave).



longways 3 couples

48 bar minuet (ASSEMBLY PLAYERS: joy after sorrow)

[]   Lead up and fall back; Lead down and fall back

[]   Men step and honour, then Ladies; Overhead allemande

[]   Right-hand turn ¾ into a line of six; Those who can, turn and gypsy left with the person behind

[]   Start Grand Chain: Ladies will complete 5 moves (including turns at end of line) WHILE men move to the top of the line and loop (a long cast) to left moving down the outside to finish alongside partner

[]   … complete Grand Chain figure (from B2), cross with partner, giving left-hand to end improper (maintain left-hand hold);

     Balance forward and back, release hold and turn single left

[]   Those who have a dancer diagonally on the right: Right-and-Left ¾ (i.e. 3 changes) on that diagonal, then all turn new partner by the left hand halfway

2nd time – start with in-line sidings right and left;

3rd time – start with arming right and left



circle 3 couples

36 bar waltz (OCCASIONALS: mount auburn)

[8]   Ballroom hold: Chasse in (2) to centre and out (2);

        Star through into back-ring, wheel halfway with next person (men backing), and take ballroom hold with next person.

[8]   Repeat A1 into …

[8]   Petal-stars anti-clockwise;  Then same clockwise

[Petal stars: men have left hands in centre, ladies have right hands in centre. Hold other hands out, joined, to make shape of petals. Rotate with running steps]

[12]   Grand Chain (2 bars per change – 6 changes)



longways 3 couples

48 bar polka (ALBION: primrose)

[]   Criss-cross hey 

      (like a Grimstock hey, all couples crossing over whenever they go through the centre)

[]   Top (Active) couple set and cross and cast to 2nd place;

       Reverse flutter-wheel: Top 2 men left-hand turn halfway, gather partner and flutter-wheel halfway

[]   Top 2 ladies chain halfway; Active couple half-figure-eight through couple above

[]   Repeat A2 from 2nd position (with 3rd couple)

[]   Repeat B1 at bottom of set

[]   On the right diagonal, cross passing right shoulders, then on the left diagonal (again passing right shoulders); All turn to chase clockwise two places (until opposite partner), and turn partner with the right hand



longways duple proper

32 bar reel (METRIC FOOT: whuskey before breakfast)

[]   1st couple half-figure-eight through 2nd couple;

Men balance forward and back and cross, passing right shoulders

[]   Ladies balance forward and back and cross passing right shoulders; All 4 circle left

[]   Ladies Chain halfway (up and down the set);

      Promenade (with opposite) ¾ to end facing across

[]   2nd couple half-figure-eight through 1st couple;

      1st couple cast down as 2nd couple lead up, all turn single (cloverleaf)



longways duple improper

32 bar reel (KLOF: muffin man; drunken sailor)

[]   Back-to-back right shoulder with neighbour; Swing this neighbour, end facing across

[]   Full Ladies Chain

[]   Circle right ¼, ladies cross passing right shoulder;

      Circle left ¼, men cross passing left shoulder

[]   Circle right ¼, ladies cross passing right shoulder;

      Circle left ¼, men pass left shoulder WHILE ladies turn to face next couple



longways 5 couples

32 bar polka (OLD SWAN BAND: can't stop polka; evesham stick dance)

[]   1st, 3rd and 5th couples complete Grimstock hey around 2nd and 4th couples (who

      stand still)

[]   All single cast from top to place

[]   Star-Chain:

      In fours from the top, star right halfway, then star left halfway with the next;

      Then star right halfway with next, then star left halfway with next

       (When you are the “neutral” couple, do half-turn with partner using the hand NOT currently being used by the foursomes in stars)

[]   Back-to-back right shoulder with partner; All swing



longways 3 couples

32 bar jig (KENTON RAMBLERS: avoncroft)

[]   Lead up and back; Lead down and back

[]   Set right & left to partner, then lines slip right into a line of 6;

      1st man and 3rd lady give left hands to start progressive half-chain (when meeting partner, complete left-hand turn into original set formation)

[]   Four changes of Dip & Dive (1st couple start going under 2nd couple’s arch)

[]   All back-to-back right shoulder with partner; Two-hand turn partner

2nd time – start with sidings (any version);

3rd time – start with arming

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