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longways set of 4 couples in mini-becket formation – clockwise progression

32 bar jig (ALBION: wiggle,wriggle)

  © 2016

[]  In fours, circle right & left

[]  Four-couple Rights & Lefts halfway*

[]  In fours, full Ladies’ Chain across

[]  Couples promenade counter-clockwise one place and balance; swing

*Right crosses: with person opposite

Left crosses: Couples on left diagonal cross on that diagonal

WHILE others cross with partner along the line.



longways duple improper – standard progression

32 bar reel (RING O’ BELLS: applejack; staten island; johnny come lately)

  © 2016

[]  Ladies’ Chain (half) along; See-saw partner

[]  Left-hand turn partner 1½; Ladies’ Chain (half) across

[]  1s figure-eight through 2s WHILE 2s cross (hole-in-wall) when they can (twice)

[]  Balance & swing


longways set of 4 couples (3s & 4s improper) – progression 1342

32 bar reel (NEIL BARRON: robertson's hornpipe; archie menzies; billy craib)

© 2015

variation on ‘lydia’s lilt’ (dorothy bell)

[]  1st top corners set & right-hand turn ½ WHILE 1st bottom corners same;

right-hand stars at both ends

[]  2nd top corners set & left-hand turn ½ WHILE 2nd bottom corners same;

            left-hand stars at both ends

[]  middle four chase clockwise halfway;  all do-si-do

[]  middle couples half-figure-eight through nearer end couple; 

end couples half-figure-eight through nearer middle couple


Square set – progression: to corner

(men finish in opposite place, ladies progress clockwise)

48 bar medley (GEORGE WILSON & STOMP: morag’s waltz & mr gifford)

© 2015

For Irene & Keith Wright’s golden wedding 2016

[]  With partner, balance & box the gnat; right-hand turn 1½

[]  Grand Chain halfway; do-si-do

[]  Heads take promenade hold & half-hey across the set with nearest side dancers (start passing right shoulder with that side lady),

heads swap ladies and half-hey across (start passing left shoulder with side lady)

[]  Head ladies’ chain ½; all ladies star chain ¾ (progression)

[]  Pass (new) partner giving left hand, full right-hand turn the next, pass partner left-hand

[]  Right-hand turn (new) corner; swing partner


Head couples lead – waltz tempo

Head couples lead – reel tempo

Side couples lead (heys go along the set) – waltz tempo

Side couples lead – reel tempo

Simpler version © 2016

[]  as above

[]  as above

[]  Heys as above but without swapping

[]  Active couples go forward & lead opposite person through standing couple

and cast away back to where this figure started; all ladies star chain ¾

[]  as above

[]  as above



Longways set of 4 couples – progression: 1432 but with a difference!

32 bar jig (DEIRDRE ADAMSON: snake pass)

© 2015

There are several dances under this name; this is my contribution.

[]  Top couple weave down the set & back up (start going between 2s)

[]  In fours, star right & left

[]  All 8 circle left & right

[]  Top couple gallop anywhere around the hall to end at the bottom of another set.


circle of 3 couples – progression: to corner

24 bar march (CANTIGA: branle de l'official)

© 2015

[]  With partner, balance & box the gnat;  repeat

[]  Rang-tang (end with corner – progression)

[]  Promenade to man’s home place, swing 


Partner right-hand turn; Corner left-hand turn;

Partner right-hand turn; Corner left-hand turn to promenade hold


longways set of 3 couples – progression 123

32 bar reel (ALAN CARTWRIGHT: deck the hall with boughs of holly)

© 2015

[]  Top neighbours set, 1st couple cross down to 2nd place;

bottom neighbours set, 1st couple cross down to 3rd place

[]  1st couple cast up to middle place & set WHILE others set & cross;

lines go forward & back

[]  1st couple dance half-figure eights (1st man up & 1st lady down);  all circle left halfway

[]  Heys across at ends (1st man up & 1st lady down)


Longways duple improper – standard progression

24 bar waltz (ANNE SKINNER: first nowell)

© 2015

[]  In circle of four, balance & petronella (one place to the right);  repeat

[]  Do-si-do opposite, then partner

[]  Facing opposite, step-set twice;  open-balance forward & back, california twirl


Line of 3 dancers – progression: middle-right-left

24 bar jig (ALAN CARTWRIGHT: we three kings)

© 2015

[]  Middle & right-hand person do-si-do & arm right 1½ to change places

[]  New middle & left-hand person see-saw & arm left 1½ to change places (progression)

[]  Hey (started by new middle & right-hand person passing right shoulder)


longways set of 3 couples (1s improper) – normal progression

48 bar polka (AIRPLANG: pincushion polka)

© 2016

[]  Top 2 couples double figure eight (2nd couple cross up to start)

[]  Bottom 2 couples same (2nd couple cross down to start)

[]  Chain the Ladies*

[]  (continue)

[]  Top 2 couples Left & Right (2 changes, start with partner);

Bottom 2 couples Left & Right (3 changes, start with partner)

[]  See-saw (left-shoulder do-si-do); swing


square set – no progression

32 bar reel (ALAN CARTWRIGHT: rudolph the red-nosed reindeer)

© 2015

[]  Head couples promenade counter-clockwise

[]  Head couples in promenade hold hey across set with two nearest side dancers

[]  Heads star right;  corners allemande left

[]  Grand Chain halfway & swing

Sequence: Heads – Sides – Sides – Heads

When sides lead, the heys will be along (not across)


foursomes arranged in square, offset to form a cross

(8 couples – 4 on the inside facing out; 4 on the outside facing in)

32 bar polka (FOOTLOOSE: finnish polka medley)

© 2016

For Touchstone FDC (they meet in Wivenhoe, Essex)

[]  In fours, circle left & right

[]  In same fours, full Ladies’ chain

[]  In same fours, see-saw opposite person; in open hold with partner, set and pass through (outside couples arch in as inside couples pop under)

[]  Couples now on outside promenade one place to next arm of the cross & swing

WHILE others texas-star right halfway & butterfly-whirl

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