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AUNT HESSIE’S WHITE HORSE  (from South Africa)

Circle  24 bar reel  (KLOF: aunt hessie's white horse)

[]   In-line siding right shoulder,kick & back; same left

[]   Do-si-do right & left

[]   Peasant-hold: pousette in & & turn, move left to new partner


longways 5 couples  48 bar polka  (BURSLEDON VILLAGE BAND: primrose)

[]  lines go forward, slap hands with partner thrice, fall back; right-arm turn 1½

[]  repeat (with left-arm turn)

[]  top couple strip-the-willow …

[]  (continue to bottom of set and form arch) …

[]  others cast down & pop up through the arch

[]  all swing partners


from Brian Scowcroft

couple  32 bar polka (BURSLEDON VILLAGE BAND: macgillycuddy's; ballyhoura mountain)

[]   In allemande hold, march forward, twist, continue backwards, twist;  repeat

[]   Clap: own hands, partner’s right, own, partner’s left, own, behind back, own and both with partner; repeat

[]   Right-hand turn;  Left-hand turn

[]   Swing

Variation on clapping sequence: replace “partner’s right” with “clap hands under right leg” (and similar with left)


(michael barraclough)

couples (i.e. big circle but non-mixer) all facing counter-clockwise with man behind partner.  Lady places her hands (palm up) on her shoulders, man holds these hands.

16 bar schottische  (BAND NAMED BOB: justin otter schottische)

[]  slide in & out; “moo” 4 times (vary animal on subsequent turns)

[]  slide in & out; turn lady to face, “aargh!” and back

[]  slide in & out; lady move to back

[]  slide in & out; man move to back


2 couples in line, ladies in centre, facing partner  32 bar rant


[]   Hey for four 1½times

[]   ---

[]   Men step to each other

[]   Step to partner

<sequence> walk hey then men step; walk hey giving hands then ladies step; dance hey then men step; dance hey then ladies step

<fin> swing partners


longways 5 couples  32 bar jig

[]   Lines forward & back;  cross (ladies arch) and don’t turn round

[]   Lines back & forward; cross (men arch)

[]   Top couple gallop to bottom WHILE others move up; then new top couple;

       and the next; and the next

[]   .. and the next; and original 1st couple again; all swing


(from irene harcourt: said to be welsh dance)

longways 4 couples  32 bar jig  (BURSLEDON VILLAGE BAND: nipper/old favourite)

[]   All lead up 8 steps, back 8 steps

[]   All gallop up and back

[]   In fours, star right and left

[]   Top couple cast to bottom and form arch  WHILE others follow and come up under arch


Couples  16 bar march  (PHIL TATE: gay gordons)

(collected by mary stoker)

[]   Allemande hold: forward 3 steps, twist to face other way, fall back; repeat to place

[]   Right-hand-hold> men step whirl twirling lady; Ballroom hold: swing


square set  32 bar jig  (BISMARCKS: robertson's reel; great north r

[]   All circle left & right

[]   1st couple make arch and go anti-clockwise around set over the other couples

[]   Grand Chain

[]   …. and swing partner

SEQUENCE: all couples in turn, then heads, then sides, then all couples at same time

This dance, from the Bismarcks’ “Upstream” album (1999), is a variation of Eileen Key’s ‘Holmfirth Square’


There are at least four versions of this dance of unknown origin

square set  20 bar jig  (RING O' BELLS: aupres de ma blonde)

[]  1st couple separate & dance all the round the set

[]  All do-si-do corner (ring o’ bells version)

OR honour corner (heritage version)

OR honour corner & salute partner (gerry jones version)

OR corner allemande left (jim english version)

[]  All promenade

Sequence: Each couples leads in turn; then Heads simultaneously, Sides simultaneously, All couples simultaneously


longways set – 3 couples  32 bar reel  (STOWFOLK: leaving of liverpool)

[]   Lines go forward & back; middle couple lead up and cast back to place

[]   Lines go forward & back; middle couple lead down and cast to place

[]   Circle left & right

[]   Top couple cross & cast to middle place; then cross & cast to bottom


written by Roy Goldring for Muriel Johnstone (now Mrs Zobel of Canada!)

longways set – 5 couples  32 bar reel  (COLIN DEWAR:we’ve nae electric)S 

[]  1st couple set & cast one place, then (followed by 3rd couple) they lead up to the top & cast down (1s to 3rd place, 3s to 2nd place)

[]  1s cross down between 4s to start symmetrical reels on the sides with 4s & 5s

[]  1s cross up between 3s for symmetrical reels with 2s & 3s

[]  1s set & cast one place, then (followed by 5s) they lead up between 4s & cast down [set now 23451]


(community dances manual)

Circle  16 bar polka  (SAWDUST BAND: belfast polka)

[]  ballroom hold: heel & toe twice, slide along line of dance;  same back

[]  clap: right 3, left 3, both 3, knees 3;  right-arm turn, move left (progression)

There are many variations on this dance.  It can be done without progression by changing ‘right-arm turn’ to ‘swing partner’.  In the clapping sequence, instead of ‘knees’, try ‘behind partner’s back (this involves a bit of a hug)

POSTIE’S JIG        

written by Roy Clowes

longways 4 couples  32 bar jig  (FRANK REID: lassiecome & dancewith me; bonnie lass that widna marry me)

End couples are active

[]   Active couples set & cast in one place; then half-figure-eight through nearer end

[]   “postie” figure

[]   …continue

[]   Active couple half-right & left;  then right-hand turn partner

Postie: Active couples cross over (men arching) and handy-turn nearest corner person ¾; then cross up/down centre (couple coming up arching) and handy turn corner; then across (men arching); then up/down (bottoms arching)


aka rosa’s waltz; rozsa

couple  32 bar waltz  (BURSLEDON VILLAGE BAND)

att gordon potts (variation on “Ffarwel ir Marian”)

[]   Two-hand hold: sway (along line of dance) and back, turn lady under man’s right arm, maintaining hold with both hands (“wind”);  slide left four step

[]   Slide right four steps, sway and unwind

[]   Holding right hands, balance forward & back and box the gnat;  Repeat to place

[]   Ballroom hold: chasse two steps (along line of dance) & back;  waltz around


david & avril quarrie et al

square set – 5 couples  32 bar jig  (LOTHIAN SDB)

[]  5th couple (in centre) dance reels of three along with Heads (start left shoulder)

[]  5th couple separate for 3-handed stars with nearer Side couple (handy hand for middle dancer); then lead through top couple & cast to centre (now facing down)

[]  3-handed stars; 5th couple lead through bottom couple & cast to centre

[]  5th couple Tulloch turn twice; then 5s & 1s set & left hands across to end with 5s at top & 1s in centre facing 2s (i.e. towards ladies’ wall)

(change orientation each turn of the dance)


A dance from devon with many variations

longways set – 3 couples  32 bar hornpipe  (PEEPING TOM: dumb post; skylark)

[]  Top man (followed by others) crosses above ladies’ line, weaves down & comes straight up own side to place.

[]  Ladies same around men.

[]  Circle left & right

[]  Top couple lead down to bottom; all two-hand turn partners.


A dance with many variations

longways set – 5 couples  48 bar polka (POSH BAND: my father’s polka)

[]  Lines go forward, slap hands thrice with partner, fall back, stamp thrice; Repeat

[]  Right-hand turn; left-hand turn

[]  Two-hand turn; do-si-do

[]  Top couple gallop down & up

[]  Top couple cast to bottom & form arch WHILE others follow & pop up through the arch

[]  … & swing


 square set  48 bar jig ()

variation on “White Coppice” by Vic Smeltzer

[]   Active couple go across set, between opposite couple, then cast home

[]   Active couple make arch and go counter-clockwise over others around the set

[]   Do-si-do corner, then partner

[]   Swing

[]   Ladies’ star-chain

[]   Promenade

Sequence: 1-2-3-4-H-S


sicilian circle  32 bar polka  ()

from ron smedley 1958 as published by hugh rippon in willow tree 1996

[]   Circle left & Right (walking step)

[]   Duck for the oyster: clockwise-fcing couple duck first, then others

[]   Dishrag figure: clockwise couple first

[]   Swing and progress (original:  couples advance & retire and pass through)


(from calling of Trev Lee from Sheffield)  

longways becket  32 bar jig   (GREAT WHITE STEAMCHICKEN: stranger)

 []  Gallop across hall (passing opposite couple; and back to place)

[]  Star right & left

[]  Do-si-do opposite person; then partner

[]  Top 2 couples form cross-hand basket and rotate to bottom of set

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