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longways 10 couples 

48 bar polka (STEAMCHICKEN: salmontails jig)

(2 sets of 5 couples on opposite sides of room, with head couples towards the centre)

[]   Partners take two-hand hold:  Sets gallop to centre of room and back;

     Then release hold and lines slip across to other side of room (men’s lines

      outside ladies’ line)

[]   Heads (at the walls) cross and weave to end of their set,

      then cross with opposite heads to other set (pass right shoulder)

[]   Heads strip the willow to end of new set (start right arm with partner for 1½ turns), and make arch (proper – all other couples in this set are improper)

[]   --- (continue strip the willow)

[]   Others cast out from centre to bottom of set, and come up through arch, crossing with partner and standing in first spare place (proper)

[]   All dosido partner (right shoulder); and turn (holding both hands with partner)



longways 3 couples (2s improper)   

32 bar reel (NICK JONES & ALICE KIRBY: welt all chimes)

variation on Peggy Hazell’s “Gentleman’s Jig”

[]   Hold partner by right-hand, all facing up:  Lead up a double, balance to partner

      (forward and back); Right-hand turn one round and face down

[]   Lead down a double, balance to partner; Top two couples half right-and-left

[]   All six right-hand star once round; Circle left once round

      (Optionally, star half-way and circle half-way)

[]   Do-si-do partner; Set to partner and half-turn with right hand

Progression: Set is now 2-1-3 with 1s proper and others improper

NB:  A2 is done as a duple minor, so second time through the 1st couple (in middle place) work with the 3rd couple



square set     

48 bar reel (DAVID CUNNINGHAM: earl of mansefield; highland donald; teribus)

[]   Grand Square (Heads start moving in)

[]   Reverse Grand Square

[]  Head couples double-figure-eight (1st couple crossing, 3rd couple casting to start) 

[]  Side couples double-figure-eight (2nd couple crossing, 4th couple casting to start)

[]   Full Grand Chain (start right-hand with partner)

[]  Promenade and end progressed one place counter-clockwise from starting position



square set 5 couples 

48 bar reel (BURSLEDON VILLAGE BAND: reel des accordeonistes)

[]   Promenade hold:  5th couple reel of 3 couples with Heads (start right passing right shoulder with 1st couple: NB – turn with half-twist, moving from proper to improper)

[]   couple reel with Sides (start passing left shoulder with 2nd couple)

[]   5th couple lead through 1st couple, separate and cast round outside to dance in

      through nearer Side couple, then arm right once-and-a-quarter to start ...

[]   Strip the willow clockwise (5th man starts with 1st lady, 5th lady with 3rd man)

[]   Continue strip the willow

[]   Half-promenade progressions (passing right shoulder) by couples in sequence:

          5 and 1; 1 and 2; 2 and 3; 3 and 4



longways 5 couples

32 bar jig (MIKE OLDFIELD: in dulci jubilo)

[]   1st couple cross and cast to 2nd place WHILE 3rd couple do same to 4th place;

      These same couples do half-figure-eight up through the couple above

[]   Middle 3 couples Grimstock hey

      (WHILE optionally, end couples do right-and-left through around the outside)

[]   Lines forward and back; All pass partner by the right shoulder, turn to the right and chase single file clockwise…

[]   … halfway until opposite partner and proper; Right-hand turn partner



square set   

64 bar reel (MARY CAY BRASS: jersey lightning)

[]   Allemande left with Corner; Face Partner for Grand Chain ...

[]   ... to home positions

[]   Head couples advance and retire;

      Same dancers do-si-do opposite and face nearer Side couple

[]   In fours, circle left; Heads go between Sides and cast round one to lines of four

[]   Lines advance and retire; Side couples star right

[]   Half left-hand turn with Corner, Heads star right, Corners left-hand to..

[]   Promenade to man’s home position (progression)

[]   Balance & swing

Sequence:  Heads lead; Heads lead; Sides lead; Sides lead



square set (numbered clockwise)

64 bar irish reel (RING O’ BELLS: shifting bobbins)

Based on figures from the Clare Plain Set

[]   Crossed-hand hold: all promenade once round, men twirling ladies under arms at end (double step)

[]   First couple dance round inside of set three-quarters, then first lady loops round beside third man into line of three facing first man (in centre). Take hold for ...

[]   Donkey & Cart:  Outside man holds the outside hands of the two ladies; inside man (facing them) holds their other hands BELOW.  Both arms are uncrossed.  First man pulls line in, pushes out, pulls in and all reverse hold.  To reverse hold, single man pulls and lifts arms over while ladies lift hands held with other man to turn and face in opposite direction and move across.

[]   Repeat B1 in reverse direction

[]   Same four basket (all left arms over right arms)

[]   Irish Chain:  Head Ladies cross with right hands (as normal Ladies Chain) and give left hand to opposite man who loops counter-clockwise while turning the lady under. Ladies cross back passing right shoulders (no hands) and give right hand to partner who turns lady under to place.  (Side couples same after 2 bars)

[]  Head couples cross (right shoulder), right-hand twirl, cross back (right shoulder), right-hand twirl.  (Side couples same after 2bars)

[]   All dance partner round in home place



threesomes circle 

32 bar polka (HIGH JINKS: astley's ride; unfortunate tailor; dear tobacco; harper's)

[]   Polka step in line of three: forward 2, back 2, forward 4

[]   Right-hand star once-and-a-half;

      Men move forward for left-hand star with next two ladies (progression)

[]   Reel of three in lines

[]   Cross-handed baskets



sicilian circle 

32 bar reel (LISTEN TO THE MOCKINGBIRD: irish reel medley 1)

[]   Dishrag (either couple can lead!)

[]   Allemande right with Contrary ¾; Men pass left shoulder and swing partner.

      End in promenade hold (men in centre, couples facing in opposite directions)

[]   Promenade the way you face, turn as a couple; Promenade back and face across

[]   Half Ladies’ Chain; Half right-and-left, face new couple



square set     

32 bar reel (HUCKLEBERRIES: wind that shakes the barley)

[]   Head couples move forward to form line of four, men shoulder to shoulder, couples facing counter-clockwise. Head couples make arches. Side couples form circle that goes under the arches and circle left as the Heads wheel in a line in the opposite direction. End in two “diamonds” (men turn to face original corner)

[]   Balance and swing new partner (original corner) to end in line of eight down centre of room [WMWM-MWMW]

[]   In fours, reel of four

[]   Inside couples (i.e. couples at the inner ends of the lines of four) fall in behind

      outside couples as all promenade around set and end in men’s original places.

Sequence: Heads; Sides; Sides; Heads



doublecontra (3s & 4s improper)

48 bar jig (PEEPING TOM: night on the gin; bedbreaker)

[]   1st and 4th couples set and cast in to middle places (2nd & 3rd couples moving to end positions); These same couples do half-figure-eight through the nearer end couple

[]   Same couples do two changes (right & left) in the middle;

      Then they do half-figure-eight through the other end couple

[]   New end couples repeat A1 ...

[]   ... and A2

[]   Middle four star right WHILE ends star right with end couple from next minor set; In own minor sets in fours, star left

[]   Lines go forward and back;

     All cross over with partner and slide towards next couples

Progression: Top two couples progress together down the room, but changing positions each time;  Bottom two couples progress similarly up the room.



longways 4 couples

48 bar polka (KLOF: woodland revels)

a mixture of “Geud Man Of Ballangigh” and “Crockett’s Victory Gardens”

[]   Working as foursomes, top couple lead through 2nd couple and cast back to place; Then two men lead through ladies and cast back to place

[]   Still in foursomes, 2nd couple lead up and cast;

      Then two ladies lead through men and cast back

[]   As a longways set, 1st couple lead down, turn as a couple, lead up and cast to 2nd place, improper

[]   Top four do three changes of right & left (starting with partner),

      and set to neighbour

[]   1st man and 2nd lady do left-hand turn once-and-a-half

      WHILE 1st lady and 2nd man do same with right-hand;

      1st couple continue with next couple (using other hands)

[]   1st couple complete turning figure with last couple (as with 2nd couple);

      Then 1st couple (at bottom of set) cross over

      WHILE others go forward and back in lines.



longways 3 couples

36 bar hornpipe (DAVE SWARBRICK: carthy’s march)

variation on “Touchstone” (Thompson, 1780)

[10]   Active (1st) couple cross and complete hey on opposite side (start hey by moving outside 2nd person); all two-hand turn partner half-way

[10]   Active couple cross again, and complete hey on opposite side (this time with same-sex dancers); all two-hand turn partner half-way

[8]   Active couple lead down centre to bottom and cast up to 2nd place;

        All do-si-do partner (right shoulder)

[8]   Active couple lead up centre to top and cast down to bottom place;

        All do-si-do partner (left shoulder)



longways 4 couples

32 bar jig (POSH BAND: weymouth quickstep)

[]   Do-si-do partner right and left

[]   Coach & Horses

      (double cast with hands joined behind) to left, and return up centre to place

[]   Cast out (singly) in lines to bottom;  Cast out and come up outside to place

[]   Head couple swing down centre to bottom



square of square sets (16 couples)

224 bar reel (CEILI CELEBRATION: marie's wedding; peat fire flame)

[]   In own squares: Head couples Ladies’ Chain and back again; Inside Heads (those

     backing onto another square set) California twirl to face out

[]   In own squares: Side couples Right-and-Left through

     WHILE inside Heads same with facing couple (in next set)

[]   In columns (down room): Centre 4 dancers “dishrag” twice WHILE others circle left

[] []   As A1/2 with Sides leading

[] []   As B1/2 in rows (across room)

[] []   In columns: Heads dip-and-dive (not progressive – all couples start) WHILE Sides shuffle up or down to change places, shuffle back again,   and shuffle to change again

[] []   In rows:  Sides dip-and-dive WHILE Heads shuffle (x3)

[]   In own squares:

       Heads half-reel of four (ladies pass right shoulder to start); Sides same

[]   Promenade around own squares

Repeat all

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