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3 couple longways – standard progression

32 bar waltz (“Danbury Palace” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Lines go forward & back, hole-in-the-wall crossing; top neighbours set & link

(order now 213)

[]  Lines go forward & back, hole-in-the-wall crossing; bottom neighbours set & link

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[]  Right-hand turn ¾ to line of 6, those who can left-hand turn the one you meet,

all right-hand turn partner (still in that same line of 6)

[]  reverse petronella to side lines, step left & honour partner;  do-si-do

*set & link: Set on side lines, then change places with neighbour with left-hand dancer looping clock-wise & right-hand dancer casting



3 couple longways – progression 123 to 312
28 bar jig (“Daen Ingas” © Anne Skinner)

[6 bars]  Facing partner, set towards top, then back;
2nd & 3rd couples lead up through 1s & cast down (order now 132)
[6 bars]  Facing partner, set towards bottom, then back;
3rd & 1st couples lead down through 2s & cast up (order now 312)

[8 bars]  3-couple Rights & Lefts (3 changes), then all turn single

[8 bars]  continue 3-couple Rights & Lefts (3 changes), then all turn single

*3-couple Rights & Lefts: All cross right with opposite dancer (not always your
partner); Those in 2nd long corner positions cross left WHILE others cross left with neighbour. Repeat these changes 3 times BUT NOTE that in this variation there is a turn single after the third move (the second right-hand change) and after the sixth move (when all back to their progressed places)



three couples in a circle – progression to Corner

32 bar hornpipe (“Dudley” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Grand Chain (full) …

[] …to place;  right-hand turn to Alamo ring

[]  Balance, right-hand turn half-way, balance, left-hand turn half-way

[]  Swing new partner


ENNA (Anne & Sibby 2017)

sicilian circle – double progression

32 bar minuet (“Persephone”/”Patricia May” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Tulloch turn left with neighbour; then tulloch turn right with partner

[]  Men cross, ladies cross;  partners balance & star through (first progression)

[]  With next couple, balance the ring & petronella; repeat (with same couple)

[]  Do-si-do partner; square thru three (start with opposites) (second progression)

Tulloch turn: Standing side by side (facing in opposite directions), link arms, reach behind back to hold other hands; then rotate as a couple



4 couple longways (mini-becket formation) – progression anti-clockwise

32 bar hornpipe* (“St John” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Bomb-burst out (middle dancers with middle neighbour, end dancers with opposite dancer); honour & change places with California twirl; Lead back & change places with the neighbour you meet with Florida twirl (same as California twirl but with other hands)

[]  Bomb-burst out (middle dancers with middle neighbour, end dancers with opposite dancer); honour & change places with California twirl; Lead back & left-hand turn1½ with partner (all now half-way around the set from original places)

[]  Four ladies star chain (there & back)

[]  Promenade ¾ to progressed places; swing

*Hornpipe rhythm is as it was in Purcell’s time – written as 3/2 (faster than minuet)



Square set – keeper (no progression)

48 bar jig (“Harvest Tide” © Anne Skinner)

[4 bars]  Heads forward to meet & set

[32 bars]  Riptide*

[12 bars]  Grand Chain half-way; Promenade home; Swing

Sequence: Heads, Sides, Heads, Sides


Actives star right; Left-hand turn Corner, Actives box the gnat then pass thru (i.e. pass partner)

Do-si-do Corner to ocean wave; balance forward & back, right-hand turn ¾

Actives star left; Right-hand turn Corner, Actives swat the flea, pass thru (partner)

Seesaw Corner to ocean wave; balance forward & back, left-hand turn ¾

The Riptide figure is based on a move from Western Square



longways duple improper – standard progression

32 bar minuet (“Mena’s Minuet” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Men cross, Ladies cross, circle left half-way;  Repeat

[]  Balance the ring, petronella one place;  Repeat

[]  Long lines forward & back, pass Partner;  Lead opposite out, florida twirl*

[]  Right & Left 3 changes (start with Partner), turn single left

*Florida twirl is Sibby’s name for a reverse California twirl


NETHERWYKE WALTZ (Anne & Sibby 2018)

Three couple circle - progression to Corner

3x32 bar waltz (“Pavilion Waltz” © Anne Skinner)

[]  In circle, balance forward & back, with partner, link* to change places;

With next person, left-hand turn

[]  Ladies star right WHILE Men chase anti-clockwise; when home, see-saw Partner

[]  Petal star** anti-clockwise, then clockwise

[]  Sway out & in and turn to face Corner for Swing

*Link: In each pair, Lady casts WHILE Man loops (so both moving clockwise in a semi-circle)

**Petal Star Men make left-hand star WHILE Ladies make right-hand star AND hold other hands out to side to form petals. Star rotates with Men going forwards, then back with Ladies going forwards



longways duple with 2s improper – double progression

32 bar reels (“Riffhams Chase”/”Long Wood” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Ladies’ Chain across (full)

[]  Do-si-do;  Ladies right-hand turn

[]  1s ‘chase’ clockwise – 1st lady around 2s to partner’s place WHILE 1st man around 2nd man to partner’s place; then they continue (1st man leading) around two couples to finish in progressed places (2s lead up at the end of this ‘chase’)

[]  1s star left and right with couple below them.

The B1 figure is the ‘Riffhams Chase’



Square set – progression clockwise

32 bar tune in 5/4 time (“Eve’s Corner” © Anne Skinner)

Notation in 4 bar phrases*:

[]  Grand Square

[]  Reverse Grand Square

[]  Side couples square thru 4 (to end facing Corners)

[]  Star right and left (end in lines of four across the hall)

[]  Hey up & down (start passing Corner left shoulder) …

[]  … complete the hey

[]  Do-si-do Corner; Two-hand turn Partner

[]  Promenade ¾ (progression)


One couple dance 

32 bar polka (“St Paul’s Polka” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Right-hand turn; Left-hand turn

[]  Do-si-do; See-saw

[]  One dances clockwise around partner; then other one does likewise

[]  Balance & Swing

This dance can become a mixer by one or both dancers progressing to a random new partner.



longways duple improper – double progression

32 bar reels (“Dancing Rob”/”Woodham Reel” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Right-hand star;  Do-si-do neighbour

[]  Balance the ring, circle left half-way; Do-si-do partner

[]  With next couple: Right & Left (2 changes, start with partner); ladies chain across …

[]  …and back;  left-hand star (then face next couple)



Square set – keeper (i.e. no progression)

32 bar American reels (“Sunday Swing” © Anne Skinner)

Chorus: adlib


[]  Heads go forward & back, bringing Corners with them into lines of four across the room;

Heads star right once and a bit more* (to make diamond shape between the standing Corners)

[]  Harewood hey*

[]  Harewood hey*

[]  With partner, promenade home & swing

Sequence: Chorus; Heads lead; Sides lead; Chorus; Heads lead REVERSE; Sides lead REVERSE; Chorus

*The stars turn extra eighth to make these diamonds.  This produces diagonal lines of three in two directions. For the HAREWOOD HEY, start on right diagonal when men are leading in the middle of the line of three (so start passing right shoulder with original opposite lady) then on left diagonal (passing right shoulder) and repeat the move –men are going anticlockwise in four half-heys.  
In the reverse HAREWOOD HEY (3rd & 4th turns of the figure) the star goes left and the leading ladies start passing left shoulder on the left diagonal so go clockwise in the four half-heys.



one couple dance

32 bar waltz (“Stanley Rust’s Waltz” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Basic rumba steps with rotations

[]  Three New Yorks, spot turn

[]  Basic into allemana, rope spinning

[]  Three opening outs, spiral

This dance uses figures from the rumba but to a modified rhythm to move on beats over two bars: pause-two-three; four-pause-pause


WRITTLE RUBY (Anne & Sibby 2018)

longways duple improper – double progression

32 bar jig (“Writtle Ruby”/”Karen Turner” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Do-si-do neighbour, then partner

[]  Balance the ring, petronella; left-hand star

[]  Those who can, half-hey on right diagonal (start Ladies passing right shoulder); swing partner (first progression)

[]  Long lines go forward & back;  In fours, circle left ¾

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