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square set

32 bar american reel

(SCOTT HARVEY: turkey in the straw; golden slippers; oh' suzannah)

[] []   All right-hand turn with partner halfway, left-hand turn next person all the way. Then ladies right-hand star halfway and chain out (as in a Ladies Chain) and pass this man by the left shoulder to swing original partner

[] []   Grand Chain (start left) all the way (end where you meet – without worrying about “home” positions); left-hand turn partner all the way and pass left shoulder to face new partner



hands four

32 bar reel (BISMARCKS: robertson's reel; great north run)

[]   Circle left and right

[]     Right-hand star halfway, then men cast back a space WHILE ladies complete the

      turn, ending in diagonal line of four (on the ladies line) facing opposite;

      Half a straight hey (start passing left shoulder), then men turn left and move one space WHILE ladies make one extra pass. 

      Both couples are now in each other’s starting position

     [This figure comes from Hilary Herbert’s “St Vignalis Garden”]

[]   Repeat previous figure with left-hand star, ladies casting out,

      Right shoulder hey etc ending in home positions

[]   Promenade away to find a new couple



Four couple longways (2s and 4s improper)

4x32 bar jig (HOGHTON BAND: postie's jig; lassies come and dance with me)

[]  double figure eight at both ends (ends cross in to start)

[]  Ends lead in & two-hand turn the one they meet same four circle left

[]  same four set & petronella WHILE ends set & cross giving right-hands repeat

[]  ends pass (giving right hands) & cast in one place same dancersa pass partner (by right shoulder) and handy-turn new end dancers halfway




square set (numbered counter-clockwise)

32 bar jig (BURSLEDON VILLAGE BAND: burning bridges; whose jig)


[]   1st & 2nd couples change with butterfly figure 1½ times, start with 1s arching

[]   1st couple repeat with 3rd couple (start with 3s arching)

     WHILE 2nd couple do same with 4th couple (start with 2s arching)

[]   Allemande left with Corner; Face Partner for Grand Chain …

[]   Complete Grand Chain to (progressed) places


[]   New 1st couple pass, giving right hands, and chase around outside to place WHILE new 3rd couple dance figure-of-eight around side places (start by crossing through) WHILE Side couples Right & Left through, starting with partner

[]   As above but 2nd couple pass .. etc

[]   As above, but 3rd couple pass .. etc

[]   As above, but 4th couple pass .. etc



sicilian circle (reverse progression)

32 bar jig (RING O’ BELLS: paul's jig; boil the sap; jill's jig)

[]   In fours, circle left ¾;

      Then slide with partner to the left to face a new couple, and pass-the-ocean

[]   Balance, turn partner halfway with the right hand;  Repeat

[]   Reel of four halfway, start passing partner by the right shoulder;

      Swing partner and face across

[]   Ladies Chain halfway; Set to your partner and star through



square set

32 bar waltz (BURSLEDON VILLAGE BAND: msrgaret’s waltz)

[]   All turn partner with right-hand once around; Then men left-hand star once around

[]   All turn partner with right hand halfway;

      Ladies left-hand star once around (end in original places)

[]   All face in, holding inside hand with partner: swing inside leg towards centre and back to place, then face out (keeping same hands held) and swing other leg across and back to place, then spin once around turning in towards partner (releasing hands!);

      Repeat, starting facing out

[]   With two-hands hold with partner: Bounce together and away twice;

       Man kisses lady’s hand and passes on to next lady (counter-clockwise)



longways 3 couples

32 bar jig (DALRIADA: dancing master; visit to ireland)

First half is taken from “Good Hearted Glasgow” by Peter Knapman

[]   Top (working) couple do a complete right-hand turn and cast to second place;

      Where they do a complete left-hand turn plus quarter extra to take them into …

[]   Right-hand stars: working man with 3rd couple and working lady with 2nd couple;

      Then working couple cross for left-hand star with other couple.

[]   Half-reel of four for first corners, starting with working couple giving right hands;

       Then same for second corners

[]   Half-hey: Working man with 3rd couple (who are now at the top of the set) and

      working lady with 2nd, start with working dancer right shoulder;

     Then working couple chase clockwise to 2nd place improper and do half a two-handed

      turn WHILE other couples do complete two-hand turn with partners.



square set

32 bar reel (METRIC FOOT: fat tilley)

[]   Men pass partner by left shoulder and turn next lady by the right hand; Then men move on to pass the next lady by the left shoulder, and face the next lady  

(This is the original Corner person, and your new partner)

[]   Do-si-do; Swing

[]   Promenade half way; Four Ladies Chain half way

[]   Promenade star half way; Ladies complete star, Left-hand turn current partner



longways 5 couples (all improper)

32 bar hornpipe (ASHLEY HUTCHINGS: ken’s hornpipes)

[]   Ladies Thread the Needle

[]   Men Thread the Needle

[]   Top couple face down the set and take partner’s hand and lead down the centre to the bottom of the set; The man guides his lady round and they arch up over the men to the top

[]   Then they turn round and arch down over the ladies; Everybody swing your partner



longways 4 couples

40 bar reel (DAVID CUNNINGHAM: lord mclay’s reel)

[]   Top couple gypsy right & left WHILE other three couples (the buses) “go through

       the cleaner” – with the bottom couple starting, arch up over the other two buses,

        turn and lead down to place WHILE the other buses turn and follow as they are


[]   Top couple turn with right-hand, then with left WHILE buses “dip & dive” – bottom

       couple start by arching up over third couple and under arch of second couple, 

       turn and continue to place (again, other buses follow)

[]   Top couple do-si-do right & left WHILE buses start a pousette reel of three –

        bottom couple begin with the man pulling

[]   Top couple step in position while turning on the spot (buses complete the pousette reel)

[]   Buses gallop up through top couple, who then take two hands to lead all couples 

      as they gallop down



sicilian threesomes

32 bar american reel (jackson breakdown; repeal of the licensing laws)

[]   In circle of 6, circle left; Then circle right

[]   Men dance between two ladies on your right (your right-hand partner and the lady

      opposite her) to start a reel of three

[]   Men continue to dance round the outside of your group, clockwise, until you reach 

      the place where the opposite man started WHILE ladies move into centre and star

right halfway, face in lines of three and move forward to make a wave of 6  across;

      Balance forward and back, and rory to the right, reforming the wave

[]   Balance forward and back, and rory to the left;

      Turn your neighbour with the right hand halfway, and pass through (progression)



hands four

48 bar strathspey (CEILI CELEBRATION: madame bonaparte)

[8]   Chase counter-clockwise (i.e. circle to the right in single file) 4 steps;

        Turn and chase clockwise, men leading partners out into a line of 4 across the 

         room,  ladies back to back in centre. Men turn to face partner

[8]   Reel of 4, start passing right shoulders (without giving hands)

[12]  Set right and left, twice; Reel of 4, this time giving hands when changing at ends

           (but not when passing in the centre of the line)

[12]   Promenade hold: promenade and loop to right, ending in original formation;

         1st couple cross through 2nd couple, who cast out, for a double-figure-eight

[8]   Right & Left Through – for each change (2 bars), close allemande turn and fall 

        back (with eye contact!)



longways duple proper

248 bar reel (CELTICDANCE: swinging on the gate)

This started as a combination of “Nancy’s Hancy” and “Bonnets So Blue”


Figure – there are 10 figures, all detailed below and all lasting 8 bars except the 9th which is 16 bars


1st couple lead down the centre, turn and come back and cast one place (so progressing to do the next figure with the next couple they meet)


All swing partner and face the next couple

The Figures for part A are:


Lines go forward & back, the ladies holding their neighbour’s hand and going between their men; Repeat, with men going between their ladies


Circle left & right


Star right & left


1st Corners set & turn single; 2nd Corners same


Right & Left Through


Sharp sidings (twice)


Arm right; Arm left


Do-si-do partner; Gypsy partner


[16 bars] 1s Figure-Eight down through 2s; 2s Figure-Eight up through 1s


Double-Figure-Eight, start with 1s crossing down & 2s casting up



longways becket (double progression)

32 bar reel (CONTRATOPIA: loaves and fishes; too many goats; 4th and walnut)

[]   With couple opposite, circle left ¾, then pass through to face new couple;

       Do-si-do left shoulder along the line

[]   Pass through (left shoulder) to face new couple and form wave (men in centre) and

      balance; Left-hand turn neighbour 1½

[]   Interlocking reels of three: Ladies pass right shoulder to start.  NB men loop each

      other when meeting in the centre; ladies loop each other to end facing partner;  men

      turn partner (courtesy hold) to face across

[]   Left-hand star; Right-hand star



longways 3 couples

48 bar reel (RAYLEIGH SELECTION: hop-pickers’ feast)

[]   Top (working) couple balance and cast to second place;

      Then they do half-figure-eight through couple above

[]   Mirror reels of 3 on the sides,

      working couple start by passing the person below them in the line

[]   Working couple do half-figure-eight through the couple below;

      Then all start the pousette reel

          (working couple start with man pulling to change with couple above)

[]   .. continue pousette reel, but omit the final change so that the working couple end at

     the bottom of the set

[]   Working couple cast up the outside;

       Then they lead down the centre and the other couples follow them down

[]   Working couple form arch and other couples go under the arch and cast up to place;

      All swing partners



square set

32 bar polka (METRIC FOOT: fiddle's march; clockwork cat)

variation on “Turner’s Square”

[]   1st man turns 2nd lady with right-hand (twice) WHILE 3rd lady turns 4th man;

      Then 1st man and 3rd lady meet in the centre for a left-hand turn 1½ times

[]   1st man turns 4th lady (two-hand turn – twice) WHILE 3rd lady turns 2nd man;

       All swing partner

[]   All do-si-do corner; Then do-si-do partner

[]   All promenade


1st man & 3rd lady

2nd man & 4th lady

3rd man & 1st lady

4th man & 2nd lady

All the men simultaneously

All the ladies simultaneously



longways becket

32 bar jig (PEEPING TOM: rosetta; ball)

[]   Star right ¾; Left-hand turn current neighbour (from next foursome)

[]   Star right ¾; Left-hand turn current neighbour (from next foursome)

[]   Right-and-Left halfway, starting with partner; Swing partner

[]   Right-and-Left halfway on the right diagonal; All promenade halfway across the set


SAKURA ONDO (Japanese)     


36 bar march (JAPANESE: sakura ondo)

seen at a Japanese wedding

[8]   Raise arms in crescent shape, palms out, while taking small steps forward (4 times)

[4]   Cup right hand over eyes (“viewing”) with left arm extended to side, while taking small steps backwards.  Repeat, swapping arms.

[8]   Extend both arms to left and move them across to right, stepping sideways to left.  Repeat in opposite direction

[8]   Extend arms upwards, making tulip shape with fingers, with right hand higher than

       left hand, both arms towards the right, while taking small steps forward

         Repeat 3 times, alternating to left and right.

[4]   Turn on the spot, touching shoulders, knees, shoulders, knees

[4]   Sweep arms forward, bending slightly (1 bar) then clap once on 34th bar,

        twice on 35th bar, once on last bar



hands four

32 bar waltz (BURSLEDON VILLAGE BAND: sharon eubank’s waltz)

[]   Circle left; Star right

[]   Ladies’ Chain

[]   Chasse (with courtesy hold) diagonally right, then left to end back to back with 

     other couple; Turn to face partner and take your neighbour in a courtesy hold: 

     chasse diagonally right and left as before

[]   Waltz on with this new partner to a new couple (at random)


longways 4 couples (2s & 4s improper)

40 bar reel (METRIC FOOT: up the bray)

based on Pat Shaw’s “Princess Royal”

[8]   All couples face up: Lead up, set away and together;

         Cast (individually) to place, turn single downwards

[8]   All couples face down: Lead down, set away and together;

         Cast (individually) to place, turn single upwards

[12]   Middle couples half-right-and-left (start with partner) WHILE ends two-hand 

         turn with partner; 3 changes of a hey on the sides (start left shoulder);

Middle couples half-right-and-left (start with neighbour) WHILE ends cross with other end couple (men moving inside the set, ladies moving outside) and turn single in home position

[12]   Top 4 cross, passing right shoulder, and wheel with neighbour ¼ turn down into a line of 4 WHILE bottom 4 two-hand turn* with neighbour 1¼ (end dancers moving in to start) into a line of 4 facing up;

          In fours (i.e. with couple now opposite), circle left;

          All cross and wheel ¼ to reform original set in progressed positions



sicilian circle

32 bar waltz (METRIC FOOT: gold and silver waltz)

[]   Duck – start with clockwise couple arching first; then clockwise couple duck as other

      couple arch

[]   Hold right-hand with opposite person and balance forward and back, then box the

      gnat; Ladies Chain half-way across the set

[]   Chasse right, left, right (progression) and honour new couple

[]   Circle left ¾; Swing partner

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