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Square set – clockwise progression

4x48 bar reel (“Cousteau Reel” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Circle left

[]  Heads do-si-do opposites to an ocean wave; balance the wave & right-hand turn 3/4

[]  Dolphin hey across (with sides)

[]  Heads circle left 3/4, pass thru to side waves;

balance the wave & step thru, california twirl

[]  Dip & Dive half-way (Couples facing towards men’s wall dip to start and do not turn when reaching opposite end)

[]  Promenade half-way (Heads leading) to progressed places; swing



Three couple longways - progression 1-2-3

3x32 bar minuet with 16-bar intro & coda (“Danbury Daze” © Anne Skinner)


[]  Lead up (2 bars), balance away & together (touching both hands); cast to invert set

[]  Same, start leading down


[]  Grimstock hey with one extra move (i.e. top couple cast to middle place)

[]  Top corners cross; all circle left half-way - set now (3)21

[]  End couples chase clockwise half-way;

Top couple draw-pousette to middle place WHILE middle couple pousette to top

[]  Half-hey along (start bottom neighbours left shoulder); all two-hand turn Partner


Repeat INTRO

Anne composed this piano piece for Rob Sibthorpe.



Three couple longways – Men progress 1-2-3 WHILE Ladies progress 1-3-2 

3x32 bar reels (“Margaret Matthew” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Lines go forward & back; Do-si-do to tidal wave of six

[]  Balance the wave, right-hand turn halfway;

Balance the wave, those who can left-hand turn halfway and face that person

The line now has two dancers at each end facing in

and two dancers in the centre facing one of those pairs

[]  Dolphin hey (7 changes) with end pairs dancing as single units (start passing left) …

[]  … and then the two dancers at ends of the line dance clockwise to the other end

WHILE two in the centre of the line gypsy;

All swing new partner into longways set.

The name of the tune refers to St Margaret’s and St Matthew’s - two year 6 classes at St Ursula’s School in Harold Hill, London.



Square set (progression to Corner)

4x40 bar reel “Harewood Haze” (Anne Skinner)

[]  Circle left & right


Head couples do half-dolphin hey with Side couple on the right

THEN Head couples do ⅜ diagonal reel of four started by Head men passing right shoulder WHILE Side couples left-hand turn 1½

[]  Head couples circle left halfway with left-hand Side couple, Head men pull into lines of four across;  Lines go forward & back

[]  With opposite couple, square thru 2; Swing Corner

[]  Promenade that Corner to Men’s home positions.

<seq>Heads twice; Sides twice


HAREWOOD LÄNDLER  (Anne & Sibby 2018)


32 bar waltz (“Harewood Ländler” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Tulloch turn*;  

push away & come together (two-hand push) and spin clockwise (turn single)

[]  Tulloch turn (linking left arms);

push away & come together, then man twirls lady into ballroom hold

[]  Chasse two bars along line of dance, back two; swing and end in open hold

[]  Forward two, step away & together;  forward 2, face partner, spin anti-clockwise

*Tulloch turn: Link right arms and hold partner’s left hand behind back, rotate




24 bar waltz (“Harewood Lullaby” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Two-hand hold: balance forward & back then half-turn to cuddle hold* rotate clockwise

[]  Florida twirl**, california twirl; sway2,solo turns

[]  Allemande hold: forward (against line-of-dance) with half-twist, cross-chasse swing

* without releasing hands

** sibby’s term for reverse california twirl (man’s left hand to lady’s right hand)



Four couple becket (anti-clockwise progression)

4x40 bar jig (“Leah” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Do-si-do Partner to ocean wave; balance, right-hand turn halfway

[]  Balance the wave, 8-box circulate*;  Repeat

[]  Swing partner, face across; lines go forward & back

[]  Ladies star chain

[]  Promenade 3/4 anti-clockwise, set

*8-box circulate

Ladies box circulate anti-clockwise around centre places

WHILE Men box circulate clockwise around outside places 

Box circulate: the dancers facing another dancer’s back move into that dancers place WHILE that other dancer loops into the next position in the ‘box’ (in a semi-circle)

In loving memory of  Leah, a harlequin-magpie bunny 2018



6 couple longways – progression 145632

6x32 bar jig (“Lingwood” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Lines go forward & back; in fours, circle left

[]  In lines of three, fall back; same sixes circle left halfway

[]  Do-si-do; Balance the star & star right halfway

[]  Gypsy; Swing (or set & turn single)



Four couple longways - standard progression

4x32 reel (“Midnight Haze” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Lines go forward & stamp thrice, fall back & stamp thrice;

Lines cross (Ladies make arches) and stamp thrice - do not turn to face

[]  Lines go backwards & forwards (with stamps as before);

Lines cross (Men make arches) and stamp thrice

[]  In fours, star right; Top couple cast to bottom

[]  Do-si-do partner; swing



4 couple longways – progression 1342

32 bar reel (“Runsell Green” © Anne Skinner)

[]  In fours, Right-hand star; Half-pothook* (1st Corners Right Shoulder)

[]  Middle four left-hand star and half-pothook* (2nd corners Left Shoulder)

[]  In fours, circle left & right

[]  Lines forward & back; right-hand turn partner


Designated dancers pass diagonally and fall straight back WHILE their partners loop one place along



4 couple longways (3s & 4s improper) – progression 1243

4x32 bar jig (“Twitty Fee” © Anne Skinner)

Leading couples are 1s & 4s (end couples)

[]  Leading couples set, right-hand turn halfway to promenade hold;

Half-reel across with neighbouring couple (start right shoulder to neighbouring man)

[]  Then half-reel along to end 1s between 2s (at bottom) & 4s between 3s (at top);

handy-turn nearest opposite-sex dancer

[]  Leading couples circle left, then star left half-way & cross by left shoulder

(to progressed positions)

[]  Lines fall back & go forward; Two-hand turn partner

Twitty Fee is a select area in Danbury, Essex. 



Longways - 3 couples - Men progress 123; Ladies progress 132

3x32 bar reel (“Sandon Bridge” © Anne Skinner)

Active couple in middle place

[]  Active dancers go separately to right for three-handed circles left half-way,

then active dancers pop under arch made by others and left-hand turn partner 1½

[]  Repeat (Active dancers at other end of set)

[]  Three-handed (right) stars, Active dancers cross; three-handed (left) stars at other end.

[]  Chevron* on right diagonals WHILE 2nd long corners** cast along their own lines;

all set & turn single

* back-to-back passing on the diagonal and falling straight back to progressed places

** Lady in 1st place & Man in 3rd place

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