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BAKER’S ROUND (by Irene Wright)

longways four couples (2s & 4s improper)

32 bar jig (swings & roundabouts)

[]   Top two couples lead up WHILE bottom two couples lead down,

      all turn individually and lead back to places;

     Middle four circle left WHILE end couples cast away from partner to the ends of lines across

[]   Lead (with person opposite) to the walls (two pairs towards men’s wall, other pairs to    

      ladies’ wall), all turn individually and lead back;

     Middle four circle left ¾ and face partner and pass through to end in square set in

     head positions WHILE end couples gypsy to end in side positions in square set

[]   Head Ladies Chain halfway WHILE sides swing;

     All promenade half-way around square set

[]   Side couples move in to commence half-double figure-eight with nearer Head couple ending in longways set in progressed positions;  All swing partner



eight dancers

32 bar reel (CARSELOCH: dance of diamonds)

dancers arranged as the pips on a playing card.


1    2


4    5


7    8

Dancer 3 faces UP, dancer 6 faces DOWN

[]   Three-hand stars (right) - 325  and 674;  Three-hand stars (left)   -  314 and 685

[]   Diagonal reels of three (start right shoulder) - 324  and  675

[]   Diagonal reels of three (start left shoulder)  -  315 and 684

[]   Progression (all passing right shoulder):

     3 with 2    while    6 with 7

     2 with 1    while    7 with 8

     1 with 4    while    8 with 5

     4 with 5 (up and down centre)



sicilian circle (TOKEN WOMEN: spootiskerry; battle of aughrim)

32 bar reel

[]   Facing contrary, star through to a circle of four, circle left three-quarters;

       Ladies’ Chain half-way, maintain courtesy-hold (all now in original places)

[]   Slide diagonally forward to the right, then to the left (so passing on to face new 

      couple); With the new couple now facing you, right-hand star

[]   Still facing this new couple, gypsy clockwise the contrary – facing outward;

       Then with original contrary gypsy counter-clockwise – facing inward

[]   Still facing the original contary, set right and left,  then set same to partner; 

     Swing partner and face new couple



longways duple (2s improper)

32 bar jig (3D: jigs for quadrille squares)

[]   Star left and right

[]   Double pothooks:

      Men pass right shoulder and fall straight back WHILE ladies pass left

      shoulder (when possible) and fall back “inside” men’s track (couples have

       changed places);

      Then repeat to place, starting with men passing left shoulder

[]   Taking hands in circle of four, balance in and out and then circle left (slip-step);

       Repeat to right

[]  Three changes of a circular hey (no hands);

      Right-hand turn with neighbour (NOT new neighbour).



longways duple improper

32 bar jig (RECKLESS RAMBLERS: glen echo jig)

[]   Right-hand star; Men cross right-shoulder, Ladies same

[]   Left-hand star; Men cross left-shoulder (stay facing out), Ladies same

[]   Lead out with Contrary, turn (individually) and lead back; Do-si-do Partner

[]   Progressive Right & Left :  Partners hold right-hands, Balance forward and back, change places, turn Contrary all the way with left-hand, face Partner to start two changes of Right-And-Left



longways becket

32 bar reel (FOOTLOOSE: mr fiddle; rock-a-bye baby)

[]   In long lines, go forward and back, but on falling back men slide to the right while

      ladies roll across to the left (“roll away with a half sashay”).  Partners have now

      changed places with each other.  Pass through (face person opposite and pass by 

       right shoulder, stay facing out).  Take hand of neighbour and california twirl to face 

       in  (neutrals at the ends do this with the person opposite so they change places)

[]   Staying with this neighbour and working with the couple opposite, reel (hey) halfway

      across, started by ladies passing right shoulders. (neutrals wait)  Swing YOUR

      ORIGINAL PARTNER (who is next to you along the line).  All are now back in original


[]   With the couple diagonally on the right, ladies chain halfway (if there is no couple on

      the right diagonal, wait).  With the couple immediately opposite, ladies chain halfway.

[]   Ladies do right-hand turn (each lady with the one diagonally opposite on the left) as

      men cast one place counter-clockwise along the line (and across if the cast takes you

      to the end of the line)  Turn partner with left hand.  All have now progressed to face

      a new couple.



square set

48 bar reel (MCQUILLEN: year-end two step)

[] []   Grand Triangle
[]   Heads pass through, then cast to Side places as Sides move forward and square

      through three-quarters

      (all dancers are now facing their original corner person – their new partner)

[]   Gypsy melt, ending in lines of four facing across

[]   Lines go forward and back;

      then forward and cross (passing opposite person by the right shoulder)

[]   Promenade (to men’s home positions)


Heads lead twice, then Sides lead twice

(When Sides lead, the lines will be across the room – although it actually doesn’t matter if they go the other way)

Grand Triangle:

This is a variation on the Grand Square.

Start by facing partner, and fall back to corner position.  Lead the corner person in to the centre (diagonally).  Fall back to place with partner.  Face partner and fall back to corner. [8 bars]

Repeat in reverse – i.e. start by moving forwards to meet partner.


Gypsy melt  Start with a gypsy figure and transform this into a swing.



longways 3 couples

32 bar reel (MCQUILLEN: scotty o’neill)

Active couple is the middle (2nd) couple

[]   Three-handed right-hand stars (middle lady with top couple, middle man with bottom

      couple); Then the middle couple do left-hand turn once-and-a-half

       WHILE the others chase clockwise half-way.

[]   Repeat A1 (middle man up, middle lady down) (end couples now in original places)

[]   Reels of three across the ends

      (middle lady up, middle man down – start by passing left shoulder)

[]   All circle left half-way; Then bottom four circle left half-way

     WHILE couple at top do two-hand turn halfway; all turn single



longways 4 couples (1s & 2s improper)

32 bar reel (PORTLAND SELECTION: hommage a edmond parizeau)

[]   In fours, right-hand star;

      Same fours snake counter-clockwise to other end of set (see below)

[]   In fours, left-hand star Same fours snake clockwise to home positions

[]   Cast & Slither:

     Top two couples cast to bottom (invert) WHILE bottom couples slither (slide) to top

       Repeat Cast & Slither from new positions

[]   Repeat Cast & Slither from new positions

     Face partner:  all hiss and cross, passing right shoulder

Snakes:  These are led by 2nd man and 3rd man.  In single file, the four dancers in each star curl around the other dancers in the direction indicated. 



longways duple improper (double progression)

32 bar jig (WHAPWEASEL: all in good time)

prompted by Greg McKenzie’s “Honey Run”
[]   Left-hand turn opposite person ¾ to a wavy line across the room, balance; 

     continue this left-hand turn another ¾ to long wavy line, balance.

[]   Ladies Chain halfway (men loop left to receive partner);  promenade across the set

[]   With the couple on the right diagonal, Right-and-Left halfway; Long lines go forward and back

[]   In these new fours, circle left three-quarters and balance;  swing partner



square set (MCQUILLEN: ms hathaway's jig)

48 bar jig

[]   First couple (in promenade hold) dance figure-of-eight around Side couples, starting

      clockwise around 2nd couple (on their right)

[]   First & Third couples (Heads) do full Right & Left to places

[]   Full Grand Chain, starting right-hand with corner person

     (so going in the opposite direction to normal)

[]   Swing partner in home position

[] []   First couple gather up second couple for circle (4) left;  then gather third couple for circle (6) left;  then gather fourth couple for circle (8) left, ending in position one place counter-clockwise from start (so original fourth couple are in 1st place for next turn through the dance)



longways 3 couples

32 bar reel (KAREN TWEED: scholar; humours of loughrea)

[]   Capstan:  1st man and 3rd man change places by dancing left shoulder 1½ times round

      the standing middle lady WHILE 1st lady and 3rd lady dance right shoulder 1½ times

      round the middle man.  For the last two bars of the phrase, these four dancers turn

       single, in clover-leaf fashion

[]   Top corners cross;  Lines fall back, forward a double

[]   Hamilton Hey:  like a “Grimstock” hey but sailors always go backwards when rowing a

      boat ... so start with top couple facing UP and the other two couples facing DOWN. 

     The top couple will fall back down the centre to middle place, cast away from each

      other to meet at the bottom (facing down), then come up the set together

      (backwards) to middle place and cast away to meet again at the top.  The other

      couples do the same movements from their respective starting positions in the hey

[]   Foot it;  Partners two-hand turn

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