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longways becket

32 bar polka (ALBERIO: hudscales; cat's cradle; treacle town)

[]   Ladies Chain half-way; “cotacot” counter-clockwise

[]   Long lines advance & retire with rollaway (progression); Repeat (2nd progression)

[]   Star right ¾; Allemande left the next person (on side line)

[]   Balance & swing partner

Cotacot: sideways do-si-do – maintain eye contact with partner at all possible times (across the set) and begin by men sliding right behind contrary while ladies slide lft in front of contrary



longways 3 couple

32 bar jig (TOKEN WOMEN: juniper jig)

[]   1st lady passes her partner by the left and chases counter-clockwise down behind

      men and up ladies side to place WHILE 2nd lady waits two bars and then passes 
     her partner by the left and follows the 1st lady home WHILE 3rd lady waits four 
      bars and then passes her partner by the left and follows the 2nd lady home

[]   Men do likewise, passing partners by the right and chasing clockwise

[]   Grimstock hey

[]   Top couple cross, go down outside one place;  then cross and go down outside to bottom of the set

      [alternative B2:  Top couple lead to bottom; all swing]

Grimstock hey:

Top couple face down, other couples face up.  Do reels of three along the lines (tracking the pattern of a figure eight) started by top couple going between 2nd couple as they move up the outside to the top.

The opening figure comes from “Ellie’s Jig” by M.Briscoe



longways duple proper – double progression

32 bar march (DAVE BROWN: elegance)
[]   2nd corners right-hand turn 1½ & chase clockwise halfway WHILE 1st corners 
    chase counter-clockwise halfway and left-hand turn 1¼ to diagonal line.

[]   Hey halfway;  two-hand turn partner

[]   Face next couple (on diagonal): set forward, star right ¾; Gypsy

[]   With next couple, Right & Lefts starting right-hand to partner


line of four

32 bar mazurka (COMMITTEE BAND: vuoma-pertti's mazurka)

variation on “Bitte Mand I Knibe”

Two couples in line of four, men with left arms linked and right arms around partner

[]   Rotate counter-clockwise
[]   Wheel halfway (men backing) so ladies link left arms: rotate counter-clockwise
[]   Ladies arm right halfway and face opposite man: two-hand balance twice and swing
[]   Face partner:  two-hand balance and swing partner, and progress randomly to form a new line with a new couple.



longways duple improper

32 bar reel (LATTER-DAY LIZARDS: miss thornton's; mason's apron)

[]   Circle Left & Right

[]   1st couple Figure-Eight halfway through 2nd couple; 2nd couple same through 1st couple

[]   Spiral

[]   Do-si-do neighbour on the side; Swing partner


Ladies turn right hand ¾ to wave, balance, men turn around to reform as line of four to rotate ¼, 

men chase clockwise ¼ WHILE ladies turn right hand ½ (end in progressed places)



longways duple improper – double progression

32 bar american reel (KGB: smoke gets in your eyes; iron curtain breakdown)

variation on “Forestside” by John Meechan

[]   Long lines advance & retire;  2nd lady half-figure-eight through 1st couple to end in

      centre while 2nd man orbits halfway counter-clockwise to end in centre: 

       all 2s form long wave down centre

[]   2s Rory-O-More to left, then to right

[]   Do-si-do and swing contrary, face across

[]   Pass through and turn away from contrary to take next contrary in promenade hold;       

      Promenade across set and wheel round

Rory O’ More: Balance the wave, slide (or roll) past partner


FORLANA (by Irene Wright, written for Sibby)

circle 3 couples (numbered counter-clockwise)

32 bar jig (METRIC FOOT: mr gubbin's bicycle)

Dancers retain original numbers throughout


[]   All skip clockwise single file; turn & skip back, face partner

[]   Interlocking reels of four: pass partner (right), gypsy (left) the next,

      pass partner (right), gypsy left the next; end facing partner

[]   “JUMPING” 

      1st man out; 1st lady in; 2nd man out;  2nd lady in; 3rd man out;  3rd lady in

      All “WIGGLE”


      2 steps forward to meet the next (opposite sex) dancer; hop away and together

      Repeat;             Repeat (all now meeting original Partner)

      Gypsy left ¾ the NEXT dancer (progression) to end in circle


[]   Holding paws, slip left & right.  Ladies put right paw in into..

[]   Star promenade.  Men gate Lady out and around and face for



THIRD FIGURE – “Burrowing”

[]   Men go in & make high arches; Ladies go counter-clockwise under Partner’s right 

      arch, behind Partner & finish on right facing in

[]   Men lower arms, make basket for 6:  rotate left and fall back into circle





square set 5 couples (2s & 4s improper)

18 bar “Italian Rant” (BROADSIDE BAND)

[4]   Middle couple (5) & top couple (1) Right & Left halfway

[4]   New middle couple separate for three-handed stars with nearer Side couple

[6]   Reels of three (hey) halfway:  1st man (in centre) with original 3s & 2s AND 1st lady

       with other two couples (these couples dance as single unit in promenade hold; start

        by passing couple in Head position by left shoulder)

[4]   1s & 2s Right & Left halfway



32 bar march (PORTLAND SELECTION: father kelly's)

[]   In allemande hold, march counter-clockwise and end with “jimp”

[]   Repeat A1

[]   With cross-hand hold, balance twice;  Do-si-do

[]   Gypsy;  move past current Partner to new Partner and swing.

“JIMP” Without releasing hands, the lady turns under, then the man turns under, then the lady turns under (the direction of these turns becomes obvious – if you end up tangled, it was the wrong way!  Hint: the lady begins by turning counter-clockwise under the man’s right arm)



longways 3 couples (1s & 3s improper)

32 bar polka (TICKLED PINK: postman’s polka)

[]   Top 2 couples star right; 

       then star left half-way, turn single and clap on last two beats

[]   Bottom 2 couples the same

[]   Pousette reel half-way (start at top, men pulling), turn single and stamp on last two beats

[]   Pousette reel half-way (start at bottom, men pulling), turn single and stamp on last two beats



four single columns of equal length

32 bar jig (ASSEMBLY PLAYERS: da red pants o' muckle ro; sweet maggie stickle)

outside lines face in; Inside lines face out

[]   Reels of four across the room

[]   On the right diagonal, set and pass; Those now on inside lines (facing in) do the same

[]   Long lines forward & back; 

     Do-si-do facing dancer (from facing line) and form lines across the room

[]   Lead up & fall back;  step-and-honour to right, then to left

NB:  On alternate turns, the passes in A2 are on the left diagonal.


THREEPENNY BIT (devised by dancers at Banwood FDC)

longways 3 couples (is improper)

32 bar reel (FLATPICKING GUITAR FESTIVAL: fisher's hornpipe; devil's dream)

variation on “Fivepenny Bit”

[]   Top two couples star right;  Bottom two couples star left

[]   In lines of three, hey along the sides

[]   Top two couples set and change places (couple in middle place arch over and turn 

      with California Twirl);  Bottom two couples same

[]   Repeat B1

     (so this can be seen as a Dip & Dive, 4 changes, with setting and California Twirls)



longways 3 couples

40 bar hornpipe (MAGNETIC NORTH: tom tolley’s hornpipe)

[8]   1st lady turns partner with left-hand (¾ turn, man dances back to place) then 2nd

        man right-hand (1½ ) then 3rd man left-hand (¾) to end in bottom place WHILE

        other two ladies chase clockwise around the set to end in 2nd and 1st places (on

         lady’s side)

[8]   1st man dances similar pattern, starting right-hand with opposite  lady

        WHILE other men chase counter-clockwise around the set

[12]   Top four star left and right; all do-si-do partner

[12]   Top couple cast to bottom and form arch 

         WHILE others follow and lead up through the arch;  all swing



longways 3 couples (2s improper)

32 bar hornpipe (KAREN TWEED: frank mccollum's; roger wilson's; joe skelton's)

[]   Lines go forward and back;  all cross over with partner

[]   Top four right-hand star once-and-a-half, then bottom four left-hand star halfway

[]   Top four right-hand star once-and-a-half, then bottom four left-hand star halfway

[]   “Toosey Footsie”;  Do-si-do

For alternate turns of the dance, the set starts with new 1st and 3rd couples improper.

“Toosey Footsie”: Holding hands in lines of three, step on the spot (any way you like) and gradually raise arms, releasing them at the highest point and clapping once.



longways 5 couples (2s & 4s improper)

48 bar jig (COMMITTEE BAND: muneira sul sacrato della chiesa)

[]   Top man zig-zags to bottom place, starting right-hand with 2nd man

[]   Top lady zig-zags to bottom place, starting left hand with 2nd lady

[]   Dancers on lady’s file chase clockwise halfway  WHILE others advance & turn to face

      across;  Right-hand turn with opposite person

[]   New dancers on lady’s file chase clockwise halfway WHILE others advance & turn to

      face across; Right-hand turn with partner

[]   Top two couples right & left halfway; Original top couple do same with next couple

[]   Original top couple do same with next couple WHILE new top couple does same with

      couple below;  These two couples continue to do same with the next couple



square set

48 bar reel (SKYLARK: anchor steam reel)

[]   Grand Square (Active couples start by leading in)

[]   Active couples pass-the-ocean, right-hand turn ½,

      (active) ladies turn half-way to form line of four that rotates …

[]   … 1½ times arching over standing couples (and whomp!!!).   

[]   Active couples go to couple on right and do-si-do the facing dancer;

     In same fours circle left,  active man breaks circle to pull into lines of four

[]   Lines advance & retire;  With opposite couple, square through 2

[]   Balance the next one and Grand Chain three places (to original Partner);  Swing

Start each turn from wherever you are, maintaining original “Head” or “Side” status.

Sequence:  Heads lead;  Sides lead;  Heads lead;  Sides lead

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