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longways 3 couples

32 bar waltz 

(BURSLEDON VILLAGE BAND: shepherds waltz alone; newbridge street)

variation on “Come Let’s Be Merry”

[]   1st couple right-hand turn; honour and cast to 2nd place for ..

[]   .. left-hand turn; honour and cast to bottom

[]   All couples sway up, down and turn single out (or two-hand roll); Repeat starting down

[]   Two-hand hold: step together touching right cheeks and back, then left cheeks;

     Two-hand turn partner (or do-si-do)



big circle

32 bar jig (BURGESS: apples in the winter; gillian's apples)

[]   In to centre and out, twice

[]   Do-di-do partner; Then two-hand turn partner, maintain hold and move into “banjo” position (right shoulder to right shoulder)

[]   BANJO: March anti-clockwise (lady going backwards), turn and continue in same

      direction (man now going backwards); Repeat clockwise to place

[]   Slide right, catching left hands for left-hand turn ¾;

     Leave partner and swing the next person



longways 4 couple

32 bar polka (BURSLEDON VILLAGE BAND: walter bulwer's no.3; fred pigeon's polka)

[]   End couples cross up and down the centre (passing right shoulders with the other end person of the same sex); Then middle couples do right-hand star once around

[]   Middle couples do left-hand star once around;

     Then end couples cross back to original places (again passing right shoulders)

[]   Top couple separate and cast down the outside of the set, making an arch at the bottom WHILE others follow in single file, and come up under the arch with their partners.

[]   All swing partners


EASTWOOD SQUARE                 

square set

64 bar reel (FLOOK: asturian way)

mixture of “White Cascade” and “La Russe”

[]   1st couple dance across the set, through opposite couple;

       Then separate and go round the outside to place

[]   1st couple make an arch and dance anti-clockwise around set, going over the other


[]   Everybody do-si-do your corner person; Then your partner.

[]   Grand Chain …

[]   … and cross-handed swing with partner

[]   Head couples cross (1st couple make arch) and Side couples cross in-between 
    (2nd couple arch);  Repeat (other couples arching)

[]   Circle left

[]   Promenade



square set

48 bar jig (MARIAN ANDERSON: neil gow's farewell to whisky)

“Bell Bottom Trousers” with a bit added

[]   First couple lead across the set, through opposite couple, separate and cast round outside to place, then move into centre for …

[]   Swing while others circle left (letting first couple drop back into place at the end)

[]   All allemande left with corner; Face partner for grand chain …

[]   … until back in home positions

[]   Do-si-do partner (passing right shoulder to start);

     Then do-si-do corner backwards (passing left shoulder to start)

[]   All promenade once round




32 bar reel (FAMOUS POTATOES: blue moon of kentucky)

variation on “Julian’s Jolly”

[]   Gallop around circle (to man’s left) and back again

[]   Do-si-do partner – right and left

[]  Clapping with partner: Knees, knees, right, right; Knees, knees, left, left;

     Knees, right, knees, left; In front, Behind, Together

[]   Swing partner

For “mixer” version: Right-hand turn with partner, then left-hand turn person on left diagonal and stay with this person for the gallop



circle 3 couples

32 bar hornpipe (ASHLEY HUTCHINGS: high level hornpipe; uncle george's)

In your circle, you have your partner beside you, your lover on the other side of you, and the one you fancy opposite you across the circle

[]   Ladies stand still while men dance a figure-of-eight – that is, they go clockwise

      around their partner and anti-clockwise around their lover.

[]   Men stand still while ladies dance a figure-of-eight – that is, they go anti-clockwise around their partner and clockwise around their lover

[]   All face partner for a grand chain – seven changes to end facing the one you fancy (your new partner)

[]   Do-si-do with your new partner; Swing using the “ceili” hold



square set

32 bar jig (GREENSLEEVES: life on the ocean wave; john brown's body)

[]  [THE HEART] 1st couple separate and go between nearer Side couple, loop round behind 3rd couple and cross straight through set to place (thus making the shape of the heart)

[]   [CUPID’S ARROWS] Side couples gallop across and back

[]  [THE RING] 3rd couple, with inside hands joined, go anti-clockwise around the set, arching over the other couples (man inside, lady outside)

[]  [THE PARADE}  All promenade round the set

Repeat, each couple leading in turn



longways 5 couples

48 bar polka (KLOF: waterloo polka)

[]   Lines advance, clap partner’s hands three times, retire;

      Middle couple do right-hand turn while others do right-hand star in fours.

[]   Same as A1 but with left hands

[]   Middle couples cross giving left hands, and then turn to left to start figure of eight around whole set WHILE others (in fours) circle left and right

[]   Middle couples complete figure and swing in place

       WHILE others Right-and-Left through in fours

[]   Top couple gallop down centre and back

[]   Top couple cast to bottom and form arch WHILE others follow and lead up through arch to progressed places



square set

64 bar american reel (BLUE MOUNTAIN: turkey in the straw; lord alexander’s reel)

[]   Active couple promenade around the outside of the set (counter-clockwise)

[]   Same couple go round second time, arching over the standing couples

[]   Face partner for a Grand Chain …

[]   … continue until back home; Then swing partner

[]   Holding hands in a circle, all go in to the centre and out; Then circle to the left

[]   Go in and out;  Circle right

[]   Do-si-do your corner;  Then do-si-do your partner

[]   All promenade (counter-clockwise)

Repeat, with every couple leading in turn



longways 5 couples

48 bar polka (CONTRABAND: my grandfather's clock; king william's march)

[]   All face up, holding partner’s hand: set away and together, lead up a double and turn; Repeat facing down

[]   Do-si-do partner; Then gypsy turn

[]   Face up: middle couple link arms while others take coach-and-horses hold:

      double cast to left and up centre to places (middle couples give royal wave)

[]   Double cast to right

[]   Top couple cast and make arch at bottom

       while others follow and come up through the arch

[]   All swing




32 bar mazurka (FIDDLERS CONNECTIONS: trow fiddlers)

variation on a Dutch dance

[]   Promenade hold: Lady runs across, finish with pointing-out left foot (heel on floor); then man does the same; Repeat

[]   Promenade hold (still): Starting on outside foot, balance forward (with slight dip of upper body) once, then hop on back foot twice, repeat, then lady runs across;

       All that again (man runs across)

[]   Keeping hands held, turn lady halfway (lady now has back to her man) and place joined hands on lady’s waist, chasse (slide) left; 

      Chasse right, release hold and lady turns to face man.

[]   Take two-hand hold and roll along line-of-dance (one complete turn);

      (Optionally, release leading hands on each half-roll)

       Take ballroom hold and waltz



big circle

32 bar waltz (BURSLEDON VILLAGE BAND: man in the moon; south wind)

[]   All swing right leg across, then left leg, and men pass partner across to their left;

      Repeat with next partner (number 2)

[]   Repeat with next two partners (3 and 4)

[]   With 5th person, take two-hand hold and slide two steps in and two steps out;

      Repeat these sliding steps.

[]  Clap both hands with present partner, slap own knees, and turn for a “boomps-a-

      daisy”;  Swing current partner and end in a big circle



longways 4 couples

32 bar polka (ALBION BAND: uncle bernard’s polka; jenny lind)

[]   From top, lines cast out, down to the bottom and up the centre to place. This should be done with high skips (knees well up), while singing the tune cacophonously, and with a final “Oi!” with raised fists.

[]   Sausage: All hold hands (in an oblong). Bottom couple make arch and top couple lead down the centre, twist away from each other (under own arms) and come back to top over the other dancers.  Throughout this figure, nobody lets go hands.

     Optional alternative [chipolata] – same as sausage but top couple let go each other’s     hand after going under the arch, and bring the lines up the outside back to place.

[]   Do-si-do with partner – right then left.
     (Original B1: In fours, star right & left)

[]   Top couple swing down centre to bottom while others clap.



longways 4/5/6 couples

32 bar jig (GARDINER: flying scotsman)

[]   1st lady, followed by men’s line, chases clockwise around set to place

[]   1st man, followed by ladies’ line, chases anti-clockwise around set to place

[]   All take two-hand hold with partner and gallop down the room;

      1st couple crouch and others gallop up going over the top of 1st couple

[]   All swing partner




32 bar march 

(SIBBY: i do like to be beside the seaside; my old man; show me the way to go home)

[]   With partner, turn (right arm, then left arm)

[]  Promenade around the room; Stamp thrice, slap thigh, claps and “boomps-a-daisy”

[]   Do-si-do right and left

[]   Four high kicks (with exuberance); Swing

To make this a circle mixer, change figure 3 to: 

Do-si-do right, slide left to face new partner



longways 5 couples

48 bar jig (COLIN DEWAR: midnight oil; miss patricias simpson's jig; jim connor's jig)

variation on “Trip To Barbados”

[]   [Thread the Needle] All hold hands in lines, and fifth couple also hold their partner’s hand: First man leads all through arch made by first and second lady, round to the right all the way back to place.

[]   [Thread the Needle] First lady leads

[]   Top couple gallop down below bottom couple (other couples slide up); Join bottom couple in hands 4 and gallop up to the top (while other couples slide down) …

[]   Then join in hands 6 and gallop down (others slide up); And then hands 8 gallop up (others – now just original 3rd couple - slide down)

[]   Original 3rd couple (now at bottom) lead up the centre and cast down the outside to the bottom.

[]   All swing partner



sicilian circle

32 bar waltz (BURSLEDON VILLAGE BAND: tombigee waltz; arran boat)

[]   Couples facing clockwise make arch and other couple duck under (don’t go all the way through) and back – making the noise of a duck laying an egg (i.e. quack-quack-aargh);  Repeat – other couple ducking

[]   Take hands 4 (that’s a circle of four) and circle left with a running step;

      Repeat, circling right

[]   Turn opposite person with right hand; Then turn partner with left hand

[]   Waltz past opposite couple and face next couple around the circle




16 bar jig (JOHN KIRKPATRICK: lass of dallogill)

[]   Do-si-do current partner (opposite you in the circle); Same couples do a “gypsy” turn

[]   Individually, slide to left, then to right; Kiss your current partner (or shake hands if shy!), and slide left again – this time to face a new partner

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